Royal Clipper is a really special cruise

It has been around for thirty years that luxury cruise holidays have become a massive vacation through the construction of mega larger cruise ships able to accommodate more and more passengers at once at increasingly crumbling prices to hold on to more and more intense competition in a sector that has been growing strongly since years.

An early return or if you want an alternative to mass cruise is offered by the ten luxury cruise sailboats that still lure the sea today ensuring a level of comfort and excellent service with the opportunity to take part in the wonderful corners of the world where a great cruise ship can never moor.

Also you will be able to share the common spaces of the ship such as pool bars and lounges with few people without crowding as usually happens in large ships. Among these ten sailing vessels is the Royal Clipper, the flagship of Star Clipper’s Swedish navigation company, where its design inspired the glorious Preussen to sail a magnificent 19th-century sailing ship, a five-seater yacht, nicknamed ” the Queens of the Queen’s Seas “.

Made on the shipyards of Gdańsk, it is 134 meters long, large 16 meters  and 5 trees rising up to 58 meters with 42 large sails that can also exploit a light sea breeze, reaching this amazing 17-knot speed through only the big sailing system . With a gross tonnage of 5,000 tonnes it can accommodate up to 227 passengers in its 114 cabins with 106 crew members.

As her ancestor is the largest cruise ship sailing in the world and is also one of the most luxurious. It’s a sailboat not a cruise ship here you can experience an adventure. Leave everything behind to unplug and jump to a life of pleasure in full freedom like a century ago with the wind in the stern to try the traditions of sailing.

For the characteristics of this type of cruise immediately establishes a special relationship between the crew and the passengers and between the same tourists promoting a social exchange and new beautiful friendships. Obviously it is a free choice because in any case the ship has enough common spaces for those who, even for only a few days, love to avoid the company and experience this experience in perfect solitude or just with their own family.

Ideal for those who want to experience a cruise that can provide leisure moments in a very relaxed comfortable climate and want to be pampered and served by a well-organized facility on a cruise still tailor-made.

A peculiar and exciting feature is when the boat moorings to start a new cruise all passengers gather on the deck to experience the first unforgettable moments of sailing the sails seems to go back with time.

The Royal Clipper was launched in 2000, although some advanced and advanced navigation and communication systems are on board, some procedures are carried out as were the sailing vessels of the nineteenth century, such as the unloading and loading of goods that are carried out as at the time through a pulley system.

At every moment of navigation on the flanks of the ship, the most courageous passengers can choose to lie down on the suspended dolphin on the water and admire the sails while others can follow the navigational bridge all the navigation phases by observing the commander and maneuvering crew the ship does not exclude the possibility of actively contributing to the rise of sails.

Regarding the destinations, the Royal Clipper sail between the months of April and October in the Mediterranean Sea, while the other months of the year, winds the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, usually departing from Barbados .

Among the cruises in the Mediterranean is the one that departs from the port of Civitavecchia to finish in Venice after twelve days of sailing with a journey of about 2,200 km touching beautiful places that only a cruise ship can reach to enjoy the culture of the place without the the presence of thousands of tourists who land all sets as it happens in the big cruise liners.

Starting from Civitavecchia the first stop is at Ponza of the Pontine Islands and then continuing for Palmarola, tourists obviously have the chance to land at these places to visit the features. Then proceed to the south of the Mediterranean with a stop to Sorrento, where you can by ferry to visit both the beautiful island of Capri and the lovely Amalfi Coast. Continuing, you reach Sicily with a stop to Taormina crossing the Strait of Messina.

The ship in this case is also supported by the presence on board of two large diesel engines useful to ensure navigation in the absence of wind or “bonaccia” but above all to perform, if necessary, fast maneuvers such as dodging fishing boats and other boats as when crossing the close to Messina.


Arriving in Taormina, passengers have two options or explore Sicily or stay aboard and with the help of the crew to climb safely on top of a tree to enjoy the awkward panoramas of extraordinary beauty such as the Calabrian and Sicilian coasts at the same time and become stroking from the wind, listening to the noise of the sea, a truly unforgettable experience.


The cruise continues east to reach the island of Corfu in Greece, then continue up the Adriatic Sea with a pass to Montenegro’s Kotor , where the passengers have half a day to visit. Then climb again to the Adriatic to reach Rovinj (in Croatian Rovinj) Croatia and then continue for the penultimate stop at Piran in Slovenia (in Slovenian Piran), the cruise ends through the wonderful Grand Canal in Venice.


During the entire cruise the eyes will be filled with breathtaking views. At each stage you can visit the places you have reached, although for some just staying on the ship is already a time of arrival with all the entertainment, entertainment for the passengers. On the deck there are 3 small pools, an electro-hydraulic system opens the back of the ship by slipping a platform that allows you to dive directly into the water and make water sports and other dives. In addition, there is a body care spa and a piano bar for the evenings. There is also the possibility to relax in the bright interior spaces, determined by a three-story atrium where they filter light rays or bask in the sun on the outside areas.

The fine cuisine is served in an elegant dining room. The most refined menu with lobster and champagne served to celebrate the official dinner with the commander on board a memorable event that now as a solemn ritual is repeated two days after the end of each cruise.

The thrill of the sea is also offered by the sailors’ activities as sewing the sails sailed by the wind directly on board the deck outdoors, polishing the brass, climbing the master shaft for maintenance of the engine winches that explain the sails. Before the end of each cruise, the sail-handling and maintenance crew team in uniform on the bumper of the ship to photograph the passengers, showing their pride to work on a single sailing ship.

Obviously, this description refers to one of the cruises planned for Royal Clipper then there are others that vary in duration and destination throughout the year. The cost per person for the undercooked cabins ranges from $ 1,800 and reach $ 4,600 for a cabin with private staircase, master bedroom and whirlpool.

It seems that the true luxury vacation is just like a century ago in full freedom with a daring adventure spirit available to acquire new friendships.


Royal Clipper una crociera davvero particolare

Sono ormai circa trenta anni che la vacanza crocieristica di lusso si è trasformata in una vacanza di massa attraverso la costruzione di mega navi da crociera sempre più grandi in grado di ospitare sempre più passeggeri per volta a prezzi sempre più stracciati per reggere alla ormai sempre più agguerrita concorrenza in un settore da anni fortemente in crescita. Continua a leggere “Royal Clipper una crociera davvero particolare”

Tango prepares for the debut of Saint Tropez

Tango is the name of the last sailing yacht in the Wally100 series famous for its performance and is exactly the fourth in the series that is about to roll the sea. It was presented, as scheduled, on the 26th of September, 2017. At the beginning of August, Tango was launched at the Persico Marine shipyards in the Ligurian Riviera of Ponente in Italy and recently delivered to its owner, a yachtman expert. From the first and the longest waiting at sea tests Luca Bassani founder and chairman Wally says: “I sailed with Tango with a wind at six, seven knots and proved to be lively and responsive even with weak wind” The feel of the helm is that of a much smaller, very balanced and fast boat. Excellent visibility from driving position. The maneuver is easy thanks to the style of the new smooth bridge. The deck hardware is powerful and fast: just 6 seconds to lift the bow! What else? It’s a real Wally! “

Tango will debut at Les Voiles de Saint Tropez in the Wally class from 30 September to 8 October.

We see briefly the features and the statements made by the chief executives of this boat to finished work.


The yacht is 30.48m long, it can accommodate up to 6 people and has a dining table for 10 people. The interior layout consists of a main aft lounge, the engine room and service center areas, and the entire area reserved for guests to the bow. All the interiors have been luxuriously furnished to create relaxed and comfortable cruising environments when you do not compete.

Boat propulsion is also guaranteed through a 300cv combustion engine that ensures a cruising speed of 11 knots with the sails wound. The boat can be managed and controlled by a single unit thanks to advanced Wally sailing automation systems.

All project start goals have been reached so that Luca Bassani, founder and president Wally, says: Tango is exactly as we expected when we started developing the project: extremely clean lines and a very aggressive look that expresses the high performance inherent in its DNA “, moreover,” The completely smooth Tango bridge, similar to the iconic one of Essence, reflects our approach based on the equivalence between form and function, and besides further emphasizing the purity of design, also facilitates regatta maneuvers . We therefore look forward to carrying out the sea tests demonstrating the superior performance of our new superyacht. “

The new Wallycento has been designed for naval architecture by Mark Mills of Mills Design, the interior portrays Pininfarina and Persico Marine for construction technology.

Mills on the project declares “We have developed a radical project that combines the extreme cleaning of the blanket with an emotional,” novel “interior layout. All in the box-rules of the Wallycento class, with the structure on a level never seen in a yacht of this size, “he adds.” An important technical attribute of Tango is to have the hull’s immersed volume later compared to the previous Wallycento and the stern lines are cleaner and more elongated: a hydrodynamic option I appreciate a lot. “ Concorde and enthusiastic, Luca Bassani, President of Wally Yachts: “This idea of ​​Mark, combined with the maximum permitted sailing plan, has brought considerable benefits when it comes to navigating the typical Mediterranean breezes.” Moreover, Mills finishes, “Tango is our biggest project, and we also believe the most innovative, the most refined and certainly the most satisfying to be developed in collaboration with the customer, Wally, Pininfarina and Persico Marine,” “We need our commitment to vision by Luca Bassani who suggested that we have a new mindset for the design of this Wallycento “.

Bassani’s interior emphasizes “Tango cruise comfort is equivalent to that of previous Wallycento models, while the different interior configuration further focuses on weight reduction at the center of gravity.”

The interior design is of Pininfarina, an important design brand known primarily in the automotive world, which sometimes blows into the nautical one with always great results. About Pininfarina’s Pininfarina Group Chairman Pininfarina said: “Pininfarina’s nautical division team has been challenged to develop ultra-lightweight, exceptionally high-performance interior, in line with the features of this superyacht. “The interior of this Wallycento has committed our staff to the goal of achieving the perfect balance between performance and comfort,” he concludes. “Thanks to the selection of materials and innovative solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics, we have created a true pure blood of the sea, ultra light and superperforming, perfect for both cruises and regattas. We are very proud of this result, which confirms once again the excellence of our nautical division. “

And finally, Marcello Persico, Persico Marine’s Chief Executive Officer, is world-renowned in the construction of high-tech hulls, with Tango’s collaboration with Wally, says:. “We are very pleased with our first superyacht: Tango weighs only 47.5 tons thanks to the general optimization we have been looking for since the beginning of the project. Specifically, we have worked hard to lighten the interior as much as possible, not just using carbon fiber and nomex sandwiches but also developing new solutions to build, for example, hinges and veneers. “,” Our new team combines industry experts of purely racing boats such as VOR, Mini, Maxi and America’s Cup catamarans, with those of the best cruising superyachts. “

We just have to wait for the Tango debut in Saint Tropez where the other 3 yachts of the Wally100 series will surely compete and win the best.

Main technical characteristics.

Total length 30.48 m
Maximum width 7.20 m
Draft 4.40 / 6.20 m (lifting keel)
Displacement 49.95 tons
Surface 640 m 2

Accommodation 6 people + 2/4 crew
Naval Architecture Mills Design Design
exterior Mills Design / Pinifarina Design
interior Pinifarina
MYT Project and Management Planning, Monaco
Persico Marine Construction, Italy
Germanish Lloyd Certification
Mast e Boom Southern Spars
Rigging Southern Spars EC6
Custom VM MR706LX engine 350 hp

Tango si prepara al debutto di Saint Tropez.

 Tango è il nome dell’ultimo yacht a vela  della serie Wallycento famosa per le sue prestazioni precisamente è il quarto della serie che si appresta a solcare il mare. E’ stato presentato, come previsto, il 26 settembre 2017 al Monaco Yacht Club. Tango è stato varato a inizio agosto presso i cantieri di Persico Marine, nella riviera ligure di Ponente, e consegnato recentemente al suo proprietario che è un esperto yachtman. Dalle prime e tante attese prove in mare Luca Bassani fondatore e presidente Wally afferma: “Ho navigato con Tango con un vento a sei, sette nodi e ha dato prova di essere vivace e reattivo anche con vento debole” La sensazione al timone è quella di un’imbarcazione molto più piccola, molto bilanciata e veloce. Visibilità eccellente dalla posizione di guida. Le manovre sono agevoli grazie allo stile del nuovo ponte liscio. L’hardware del ponte è potente e veloce: solo 6 secondi per sollevare il fiocco! Cos’altro? È un vero Wally!” Continua a leggere “Tango si prepara al debutto di Saint Tropez.”

La barca a vela Wally 93 nata per vincere.

Non è raro che armatori appassionati di vela dopo aver viaggiato intorno  al mondo con la propria barca non si accontentano più perchè  vogliono qualcosa di più, come quello di partecipare a competizioni velistiche non solo per fare numero ma lottare per vincere. Continua a leggere “La barca a vela Wally 93 nata per vincere.”