Donzi 41 GTZ the new outboard from Donzi Marine

Driven by a market that prefers boats with outboard motors, Donzi Marine in 2019 built the Gran Turismo 41 GT, the brand’s first boat powered by outboard motors, immediately obtaining unanimous acclaim from critics, which in any case remains one of the more options offered and it does not replace models with inboard engines. Continua a leggere “Donzi 41 GTZ the new outboard from Donzi Marine”

Hanse 460 sailing yacht of the year in the “Family Cruiser” category

The brand new Hanse 460 sailboat won the “European Yacht of the Year 2022” award in the highly competitive “Family Cruiser” category. Despite the second year of the pandemic, the jury made up of 12 European nautical journalists, who curate as many specialized magazines in the sector, managed to test all the boats in the water  and despite the strong competitors in the end Hanse 460 won the deserved victory. Continua a leggere “Hanse 460 sailing yacht of the year in the “Family Cruiser” category”

Vismara Marine’s Momi 80 wins the Design Innovation Award 2021 at the 61st Genoa Boat Show.

Vismara Marine Concept Srl’s Momi 80 sailboat wins the second edition of the Design Innovation Award 2021 for the category of sailing boats over 10 meters at the 61st Genoa Boat Show on the day dedicated to innovation and design. Continua a leggere “Vismara Marine’s Momi 80 wins the Design Innovation Award 2021 at the 61st Genoa Boat Show.”

Joker Boat Clubman 22 Plus the tender for the family

The new Joker Boat Clubman 22 Plus is a dinghy made by Joker boat, an international name of an all-Italian shipyard famous in the world for its innovative and performing dinghies in the range 19 to 35 feet or 5.79 to 10.66 meters.

Joker boat is a level company that has become a leader in the sector also thanks to the numerous customization possibilities of its tender boats. Its activity has lasted for more than 40 years because it always manages to create cutting-edge models using the most advanced technologies and construction methods possible at the moment.

The first Clubman 22 was built more than 30 years ago and is now re-proposed with a new model, built in line with the needs and preferences recently expressed by the nautical world, that is to make life on board as comfortable as possible for those who sail. with a higher number of passengers among family and friends, for these reasons it has been redesigned to offer more usable and versatile space on board.

In fact, this new model 22.96 feet long equal to 7 meters and 9 feet wide equal to 2.77 meters, with inflated tubulars, can carry up to 14 passengers, even if in the end it is only half a meter longer than the project. original from 1990.

Even the living work has been redesigned with a hull that allows the boat to have excellent stability, handling and reactivity even in case of bad weather, thanks to the talented effort of the company team and the designer Federico Gerna who has signed several projects of success of the company itself. 

The transom has been designed with two large side platforms both equipped with swim ladders with a useful locker and has been set up to be equipped with the best outboard engines now under construction for a maximum power of 250 hp.

The main feature of this inflatable boat is that the deck has been developed to experience the sea in complete relaxation, comfort and safety both at sea and when standing still. At the stern, guests can enjoy comfortable seating and a living area thanks to a U-shaped dinette, with a removable teak central table with the possibility of mounting a light and comfortable awning that covers the entire rear lounge area.

If necessary, the central table can be useful for transforming the entire aft area into a large sunbathing area that allows more people to lie down comfortably. In the middle of the boat there is the console with the control wheelhouse which has been suitably modernized with a rudder made according to the latest technologies and ergonomic developments existing today with the backrest of the folding helm station that allows you to add an extra seat around at the table or create an even larger stern sunbathing area. Next to the console it is possible to insert the perfect refrigerator for those who want to extend a day at the beach.

The bow area, well protected by the tubulars, is fully equipped as a sunbathing area through a recessed cushion to sit safely even during navigation with the headrest obtained in the driving console.

Thanks to the central console with two large side spaces, a family of three or 4 people finds the right space on board to move freely from stern to bow without any obstacles to enjoy the wonders of the sea all together and at a certain point of the day decide to move to different spaces to allow yourself some individual privacy.

For more information on the new Joker Boat Clubman 22 Plus we must wait for the next Genoa Boat Show 2021, the event will take place in September from 16 to 21 where it will be officially presented by the project managers.

Main technical characteristics of Joker Boat Clubman 22 Plus.

Overall length 7.01 m; Max width 2.77 m (with inflated tubes); Internal length 6.02 m; Internal width 1.65 m; Tubular diameter 46/54 cm; Tubular pressure 0.30 atm; Dry weight 1,200 kg; Fuel tank 210 l; Air chambers 6; People capacity 14; Motorization max 250 hp; Recommended engine 200 hp; Motor shaft XL; Self-draining Yes; Lockers 7/9; Cat. C approval; Carellabile Yes, with swollen tubulars; Design Federico Gerna.

Cigarette 42 ‘Auroris super sporty and super luxurious

Cigarette 42 ‘Auroris is a boat with center console outboard motors with super sporty and super luxurious characteristics with exceptional performance. The aerodynamic double-step hull was built using the most advanced processing techniques in the treatment of composites to offer speed, integrity and vibration damping even in rough water conditions. Continua a leggere “Cigarette 42 ‘Auroris super sporty and super luxurious”