Apache 47 ‘Longbow and Tomahawk performance in rough waters

Those who want to buy a boat for fast movements that are guaranteed even in not so favorable marine conditions, most likely must also focus their attention on the high-performance boats of the Apache Powerboats brand. Continua a leggere “Apache 47 ‘Longbow and Tomahawk performance in rough waters”

Mercury Racing 450R engine the rod rises.

Many models of high-performance boats owe much of their current success to the Verado outboard line, in particular to the powerful and reliable Mercury Racing 250R engines; 300R; 350R; 400R. The novelty of this year is that Mercury Racing has realized a new outboard, the 450R not exclusively but especially for high-performance boats with an unprecedented 450 hp impressionable power with crazy acceleration, which is also very light. 313 kg comes in a compact size that can be used and adapted to any possible configuration, especially for multiple applications.

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By now it is clear to all those who want to build a high performance boat both sailing and engines must necessarily turn to a shipyard specialized in the most recent construction techniques of advanced composite carbon materials. These lightweight, versatile and sturdy composites over the years as knowledge deepens, have become the ideal materials for fast hull construction. Continua a leggere “BALTIC 67 THE CRUISER SEMI-CUSTOM OF BALTIC YACHTS”

Donzi Icon 44 inevitably a catamaran

Monohulls have always been aesthetically attractive boats and almost all the designers passed and still spend most of the time today to design a boat that is beautiful to look at first, then the fact that it is good for sailing or for engines comes immediately after. Continua a leggere “Donzi Icon 44 inevitably a catamaran”