Atlantic the longest record schooner

For many the new one represents the best but obviously not for a rich German entrepreneur who wanted to recreate Atlantic an old and glorious three-masted schooner known among enthusiasts because in 1905 he set the record for the fastest transatlantic crossing by a monohull covering the 3006 miles of distance between America and England with a time of 12 days, 4 hours, 1 minute and 19 seconds.

The record is also remembered because it is the longest in the history of pleasure boating beaten, after almost 100 years, in 1997 by the sailing yacht Nicorette which completed the crossing in 11 days 13 hours and 22 minutes.

To be precise 75 years later the record was beaten by Eric Tabarly but on a trimaran named Paul Ricard. But it was only in 1997 that another monohull, Nicorette, completed the route with the new record.

The feat of the time was accomplished by the legendary captain Charlie Barr, winner of three times of the then America’s Cup then hired to compete with Atlantic and in the competition of the Kaiser’s Cup of 1905 established this celebrated record.

The old Atlantic was commissioned by New York Yacht Club member Wilson Marshall and was designed by William Gardner, one of America’s most famous large yacht designers back then and was built by Townsend and Downey. Launched in 1903 from the first sea trials, it was clear that it was an exceptionally fast and beautiful schooner, but then no one could have predicted that two years later this yacht would set a record that it held up for almost a century. Among other things, unlike the other competition schooners, Atlantic was endowed with every luxury and comfort that the owner Wilson Marshall had never felt the need to limit, despite Atlantic being the fastest schooner on the water of the moment.


Over time the schooner has been affected by several changes of ownership and has been used for civil and military uses and has been given several awards and prizes has even been the subject of a book and for many it is the most famous and loved schooner Of all times.

The old Atlantic was demolished in 1982, and about a quarter of a century later in 2008 its new reconstruction was launched for the first sea trials at the Dutch shipyards Van der Graaf in Hardinxveld-Giessendam but was completed only in 2010, now it is the biggest classic racing schooner ever recreated.

The owner, the German Ed Kastelein, a descendant of the founders of the “Holland-America Line”, one of the most important shipping companies in the world, demanded a full-size Atlantic replica with its maximum length of 69 meters F.T.

The operation was so successful that today the steel replica of the three-tree schooner of 1903 represents a treasure of the world navy. In 2011 it was awarded by winning the “World Superyacht Awards” as the most beautiful sailing ship in the world in sailing boats over 45 meters in length. A boat to be excellent many times also depends on the owner but in this case we can say that the contribution of the owner was decisive as a true enthusiast wanted that the replica of Atlantic was such even in the smallest details from the waterline of 42 meters the narrow beam of the hull and the sail plan and more and more. So much attention has been paid to the right choice of furnishings and materials used in the combination of fabrics or leathers to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. Atlantic can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 rooms, 3 double cabins and 3 double cabins. Then there are the crew cabins that can accommodate up to 11 members.

It was a work of reconstruction of the original very careful and scrupulous in the end the result was really surprising.

To see this imposing but elegant and sumptuous sailing ship move forward and sail the sails unfurled in a timeless style, leaving an extended and foamy trail on the water is a unique unforgettable spectacle.

Main technical features
Year: 2008
Construction site: Van der Graaf (Netherlands)
Project: William Gardner
Length F.T .: 69.24 m
Length on the bridge: 56.43 m
Water length: 41.18 m
Width: 8.85 m
Draft: 4.90 m
Displacement: 303 tons.






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