Wally, Winch Design and Nobiskrug together for Explorer 83 m to enjoy the world.

The explorers are boats that are usually used for ocean researches and explorations or to explore the seabed to update the nautical cartography, while many explorers that are built now symbolize the latest vocation for the development of luxury megayachts. They are displacement boats equipped with large engines with hulls and superstructures built to safely explore every type of sea, except that unlike working ships, these boats sail between luxury and comfort with the interiors and deck that more to boats to the research, resemble those of prestigious luxury yachts. Continua a leggere “Wally, Winch Design and Nobiskrug together for Explorer 83 m to enjoy the world.”

The sailboat Oceanis Yacht 62 of Bénéteau changes route.

 With the sailboat Oceanis Yacht 62 the French shipyard of Bénéteau changes route proposing a large sailboat of 62 feet approximately 19 meters with the same comfort both on the interior and the deck offered only by the current luxury motor yachts. To do this, he asked for the collaboration of a well-known Italian motorboat designer to redesign comfort elements that were used only on motorboats until recently. Continua a leggere “The sailboat Oceanis Yacht 62 of Bénéteau changes route.”

La barca a vela Oceanis Yacht 62 di Bénéteau si cambia rotta.

Con la barca a vela Oceanis Yacht 62 il cantiere francese di Bénéteau cambia rotta proponendo una grande barca a vela di 62 piedi circa 19 metri con gli stessi comfort sia sugli interni sia per la coperta offerti solo dagli attuali yacht a motori di lusso. Per fare questo ha chiesto la collaborazione di un noto progettista italiano di barche a motori proprio per ridisegnare su questa barca elementi di comfort che fino a qualche tempo fa si usavano solo sulle barche a motore. Continua a leggere “La barca a vela Oceanis Yacht 62 di Bénéteau si cambia rotta.”

Royal Clipper is a really special cruise

It has been around for thirty years that luxury cruise holidays have become a massive vacation through the construction of mega larger cruise ships able to accommodate more and more passengers at once at increasingly crumbling prices to hold on to more and more intense competition in a sector that has been growing strongly since years. Continua a leggere “Royal Clipper is a really special cruise”

Royal Clipper una crociera davvero particolare

Sono ormai circa trenta anni che la vacanza crocieristica di lusso si è trasformata in una vacanza di massa attraverso la costruzione di mega navi da crociera sempre più grandi in grado di ospitare sempre più passeggeri per volta a prezzi sempre più stracciati per reggere alla ormai sempre più agguerrita concorrenza in un settore da anni fortemente in crescita. Continua a leggere “Royal Clipper una crociera davvero particolare”