Grand Soleil 65 performance, style and innovation.

After the awards obtained just a year ago in 2022 with the   Grand Soleil 72  , the Del Pardo shipyard unveils the characteristics of the latest sailing boat creation in the Grand Soleil fleet at the Boot Düsseldorf 2023 international boat show, one of the most prestigious in the world. The new Grand Soleil 65, the second model in the GS range over 60 feet, which aspires to achieve the same goals as the Grand Soleil 72 , but with smaller dimensions and like her older sister is available in the two versions Performance and Long Cruise. Continua a leggere “Grand Soleil 65 performance, style and innovation.”

Yacht Wallywhy100 comfort, performance and functionality

For years, Wally has been a point of reference for ideas and technology in the construction of excellent sailing boats and engines, and has announced some features on the new Wallywhy100, the smallest model in the wallywhy range, a series of “crossover” yachts with high marine quality and finishes with a bright future ahead of it in the luxury yachting world. Continua a leggere “Yacht Wallywhy100 comfort, performance and functionality”

Chris Craft Launch 35 GT a gem on the water.

Chris-Craft is an old American brand that produces beautiful motor boats. Its first wooden boat was built by Chris Smith way back in 1874, but the brand has become world famous since 1927 under the leadership of Chris’ son, Jay Smith, becoming the world’s largest builder of mahogany motorboats. Continua a leggere “Chris Craft Launch 35 GT a gem on the water.”

J/99 a fast sailing boat for offshore racers

What decides the success of a sailboat, beyond the awards in the end, as in all things, is the market that decides the choice of the owners by the number of boats that the shipyard manages to sell. Continua a leggere “J/99 a fast sailing boat for offshore racers”

MTI RP 52 outstanding performance in a wide variety of conditions

The American shipyard MTI (Marine Technology Inc.) of the American offshore champion Randy Scism, produces exclusive and very fast boats signed Randy Scism. Continua a leggere “MTI RP 52 outstanding performance in a wide variety of conditions”