Fountain 47 Lightning safety, reliability and performance.

The quality high performance boats are built to ensure prompt acceleration and high speed in both calm waters and “rough” sea conditions. They are pleasure boats powered by powerful engines and set up according to the owner’s guidelines, which nevertheless retain all the characteristics of a racing boat with hulls tested in the hard circuits of offshore championships. Continua a leggere “Fountain 47 Lightning safety, reliability and performance.”

Apache 24 TS Speedster the Apache speedboat.

Apache 24 TS Speedster is a fast speedboat, the smallest model currently made by the Apache Powerboats brand.

Let’s say right away that the main feature of Apache 24 TS Speedster is that driven by a single engine it is possible to fly it with extreme maneuverability at a strong pace even in “rough” waters. Continua a leggere “Apache 24 TS Speedster the Apache speedboat.”

Cigarette Racing 42X beauty and performance

Cigarette Racing is the most famous company in the world in the construction of high-performance motor boats for this reason it cannot see others, it must only look forward, propose, innovate, set trends without ever making mistakes. Continua a leggere “Cigarette Racing 42X beauty and performance”