“Marine Technology Inc. Boat Marks 25 Years of Achievement in the Performance Marine Industry”

Marine Technology Inc is a shipyard in the United States that specializes in the construction of high-performance luxury yachts.

This company’s boats stand out for their exceptional craftsmanship and strong performance, making them appropriate for both recreational and competitive use. Continua a leggere ““Marine Technology Inc. Boat Marks 25 Years of Achievement in the Performance Marine Industry””

Cigarette Racing 515: record of technology, design and performance

Cigarette Racing 515 is a new high performance boat of unparalleled excellence. She is the performance-oriented flagship boat of the Cigarette model family, built from the ground up with state-of-the-art technology and design processes.

The slim profile of the boat ensures optimal aerodynamics at sea, with a hull 51 feet (15.67 metres) long, 9.50 feet( 2.90 meters) wide and a maximum draft of 3.18 feet (0.97 metres).

The boat is powered by two powerful Mercury Racing V8 engines, each capable of producing 1,350hp on regular 91-octane petrol and up to 1,550hp on competition fuel. Consequently, the overall power fluctuates between 2,700 and 3,100 HP, making this boat as fast as a rocket on the sea.

The Cigarette Racing 515 is a boat that demands to be driven, with a top speed of 143 mph (231.5 km/h) and a “cruising” speed of 115 mph (185.2 km/h). 

The Cigarette Racing 515 was built using high quality components such as carbon fiber and Kevlar synthetic fiber to guarantee lightness and rigidity. Despite its dry weight of only 14,112 lb  (6,401 kg), the result is a practical, comfortable, safe and fast boat, capable of withstanding any bump, leap or anything else on the waves with truly excellent seaworthiness.

The Cigarette Racing 515 was specially commissioned via Cigarette’s Design Center, with multiple modification options to represent each owner’s personality. Continua a leggere “Cigarette Racing 515: record of technology, design and performance”

“41 GTZ: a masterpiece of design and technology for an unprecedented sailing experience”

Donzi Marine debuted its new 41GTZ model, which was met with positive response.

The boat has been totally restored, with a brand new interior that provides a full entertainment experience.

The yacht is great for sailing and entertainment, with six bucket seats and two aft sundecks. Continua a leggere ““41 GTZ: a masterpiece of design and technology for an unprecedented sailing experience””

“Pardo 38: the excellence of Italian design and nautical performance”


The Italian shipyard, Del  Pardo, specializes in the production of high-quality sailboats and motorboats. Founded in 1973, the company focuses on the construction of luxury yachts with attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The Pardo 38 is a motorboat designed for fast and comfortable cruising, with high-quality Italian design and built with great attention to detail using only the best materials and most advanced technologies. This model offers a luxurious and exclusive sailing experience, combining power and elegance with maximum comfort, functionality, and customization.

The boat has the following technical specifications: Hull length: 10.95 meters (35 feet and 11 inches); Total length: 11.90 meters (39 feet); Maximum beam: 3.60 meters (11 feet and 8 inches); Draft: 0.90 meters (2 feet and 95 inches); Displacement: 7 tons (approximately 15,400 pounds); Fuel tank capacity: 1000 liters (260 gallons); Water tank capacity: 180 liters (47 gallons); Standard engines: Volvo V6-280 CV.

Project: Zuccheri Yacht Design; Design: Zuccheri Yacht Design & Del Pardo; Builder Del Pardo Shipyard.

The Pardo 38 is an impressive vessel that offers a wide range of comfort and functionality for its passengers. In particular, the boat’s deck is equipped with a spacious and well-equipped living area at the stern, which can be converted into a large sunbathing area to enjoy the sun and the surrounding scenery. The presence of a wet bar adds further convenience and practicality to the living area.

The boat’s helm station is protected by a large T-Top that shades everything. The presence of the T-Top means that the boat can be used in any weather conditions, protecting the helmsman and navigation instruments from rain, wind, and sun.

At the bow of the boat, there is a second sunbathing area, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze while navigating. Thanks to the spaciousness of the deck, passengers can easily move from bow to stern without encountering any obstacles. This is particularly important during mooring maneuvers when freedom of movement on board is necessary.

In general, the Pardo Yachts’ walkaround range, to which the Pardo 38 belongs, is known for its exceptional performance, ease of handling, and onboard comfort. High-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail are present in every aspect of the boat, from the deck to the cabin, guaranteeing an unforgettable sailing experience for all passengers.

The interior has been carefully designed to make the most of the available space, ensuring maximum comfort on board. The standard layout includes a cabin with a double bed and a separate shower/sprayer area, but an additional option of a second cabin with two single beds is available. The Pardo Yachts walkaround range, to which the Pardo 38 belongs, is renowned for its performance, ease of management, and onboard comfort.


Customization is another distinctive feature of the Pardo 38 and every Pardo Yachts model, offering the customer a wide range of customization options to create their dream boat. Furthermore, the Pardo 38 is a versatile motor yacht capable of meeting the needs of every navigator due to the ability to choose different engine configurations.

In both the inboard and outboard versions, the Pardo 38 is equipped with high-quality engines and offers outstanding performance, allowing this boat to meet the expectations of the most demanding navigators. The choice of engine depends on personal preferences and intended use of the boat. For example, diesel engines offer excellent efficiency and are ideal for long-range navigation, while gasoline engines are more suitable for short-term, high-speed navigation.

In the inboard version, among the options of diesel engines, powerful and reliable Volvo D4-300 HP × 2, Volvo D6-380 HP × 2, and Volvo D6-440 HP × 2 engines can be chosen. All of these engines offer high-level performance, with rapid acceleration ensuring the Pardo 38 reaches a top speed of over 45 knots. In addition, thanks to advanced technology, Volvo diesel engines offer reduced fuel consumption, providing greater autonomy.

In the outboard version, among the options of gasoline engines, Mercury Verado 400 HP × 2, Mercury Verado 450 HP × 2, and Mercury Verado 400 HP × 3 engines can be chosen. These engines are known for their outstanding performance, with a high top speed and quick acceleration. Plus, thanks to advanced technology, Mercury Verado gasoline engines deliver greater efficiency and lower fuel consumption than conventional gasoline options.

In summary, the Pardo 38 is a high-quality motor yacht that represents the pinnacle of elegance, functionality, comfort, and customization. Hand-built with the highest quality materials and the most advanced technologies, this boat ensures unique performance and speed, along with an unforgettable navigation experience.

Ferretti Yachts Unveils the New 1000 Skydeck with a Completely Renovated Upper Deck, Combining Elegance and Innovation.

Ferretti Yachts has presented its latest flagship, the Ferretti Yachts 1000 Skydeck, featuring a completely renovated upper deck that offers a closed and protected environment to be enjoyed all year round. Continua a leggere “Ferretti Yachts Unveils the New 1000 Skydeck with a Completely Renovated Upper Deck, Combining Elegance and Innovation.”