Apache 38 ‘Falcon superior performance in rough waters

Everyone knows the American Apache motorboats, which have always been synonymous with speed and high quality not only aesthetics, but not everyone knows that the president of this brand is Mark McManus, one of the greatest designers in the world of high performance offshore boats. Continua a leggere “Apache 38 ‘Falcon superior performance in rough waters”

Apache 38’ Falcon prestazioni superiori in acque agitate

Tutti conoscono gli Apache motoscafi americani, da sempre sinonimo di velocità e alta qualità non sola estetica, ma non tutti sanno che il presidente di questo marchio è Mark McManus uno dei più grandi progettisti al mondo di barche offshore ad alte prestazioni. Continua a leggere “Apache 38’ Falcon prestazioni superiori in acque agitate”

Boats, engines and performance.

High performance boats are difficult to build because to have other performance increases already at high speeds you need to have much more power. The performance of these boats essentially depends on two elements: weight and power, i.e. to obtain fast boats the weight / power ratio must be as low as possible. Continua a leggere “Boats, engines and performance.”