“DUFOUR 41: The Excellence of Nautical Innovation – Exploring New Horizons with Style and Performance”

The Dufour 41 from Dufour was awarded the 2023 Design Innovation Award for sailing vessels up to 14 meters in length for its extraordinary innovation. This event, now in its fourth edition, took place during the evening of 22 September 2023, during the 63rd Genoa International Boat Show.


The prize was awarded by an independent jury, made up of national and international experts from different disciplines to guarantee an absolutely transversal vision and evaluation.

The boat was awarded for its bright interiors studied in detail combined with a high-performance hull, all while keeping the distinctive DNA of the French Dufour shipyard intact.

The Dufour 41 is the result of a close collaboration between the renowned Dufour Yachts shipyard and the world-renowned Italian naval architect, Umberto Felci, owner of Felci Yacht, together with Luca Ardizio’s Yacht Design & Interiors.

The Dufour 41 has been redesigned with a new design that has redefined the spaces above deck. Despite its 12.75 meters in length, the cockpit of the Dufour 41 is surprisingly spacious, comparable to that of sailing boats of much larger dimensions.

This cutting-edge approach demonstrates the Dufour shipyard’s commitment to providing extraordinary sailing experiences, taking advantage of the experience and know-how acquired and the experience of its teams made up of very high professional figures, most of them expert sailors passionate about their Work.

The technical specifications of the Dufour 41 illustrate its imposing presence: the total length of the boat is 12.75 meters (41.83 feet), the length of the hull is 11.99 meters (39.33 feet) and the length of the waterline is 11.20 meters (36.74 feet). Her maximum beam measures 4.3 meters (14.10 feet), while her draft is 2.10 meters (6.88 feet). With a ballast weight of 2,600 kg (5,732 lb), the Dufour 41 is powered by a 50 horsepower engine and is equipped with 250 liters (66.0431 gallons (US – liquid)) tanks for water and fuel.

This extraordinary cruiser represents an opening towards modernity and innovation, while maintaining the essence of the Dufour brand. The spaces on board have been carefully designed to facilitate passengers’ movements in complete freedom and tranquility.

Robust and high-performance, the Dufour41 has been carefully designed and built to cross seas and oceans with agility and safety.

One of the distinctive features of this luxury vessel is the possibility of practically unlimited customization, to satisfy a wide range of sailing styles.

Available in the Adventure, Ocean and Performance versions, the Dufour 41 offers 2 different configurations with 3 or 4 cabins, allowing it to accommodate six to ten people on board.

In the three-cabin version, the spacious and bright master cabin offers ample storage spaces and a private bathroom, while guests can enjoy two spacious bedrooms, each with a private bathroom.

In the four cabin version, the Dufour 41 can accommodate up to ten people, thanks to the two bow cabins with 145cm beds and acoustic insulation between the rooms. Both configurations offer large wardrobes and a longitudinal galley for easy movement on board.

The deck of the Dufour 41 has been designed with extreme care to optimize space and offer a comfortable and accessible environment.

With a spacious cockpit and well-placed handrails, safety while sailing is a priority. This cruiser offers easy circulation and an impressive amount of natural light, with 60% more than competing models, thanks to the numerous openings to the outside that allow you to better appreciate the surrounding environment.

The goal of the Dufour project is to improve the design and increase the resistance of the boats, simplifying the interiors and using high quality materials. The Dufour 41 is available in two welcoming and bright styles: Europe and Boston.

In line with the Dufour tradition, this imposing sailboat was designed to guarantee excellent sailing performance and, at the same time, generous spaces. The maneuverability and performance of this vessel, undeniable strong points, distinctly reflect the identity of Dufour sailing boats.

In conclusion, the Dufour 41 by Dufour is much more than just a sailing vessel. It’s a statement of innovation, design and exceptional performance. With its distinctive features, unlimited customizations and attention to detail, this cruiser represents the best in the luxury sailing sector.

Thanks to its brilliant combination of comfort, safety and sailing performance, the Dufour 41 promises to offer extraordinary sailing experiences to anyone who has the privilege of sailing the seas on board this extraordinary vessel.