V 57 impressive center console of Marine Technology Inc.

The central console boats are designed to facilitate on-board travel. They are open boats of variable length, motorized always with outboard motors, or mounted directly on the transom or installed on correct supports for the engines called brackets. Continua a leggere “V 57 impressive center console of Marine Technology Inc.”

Sailing yacht Aquarius another preciousness on the sea.

Aquarius is a luxury sailboat of 56 m (183.73 ft.) Another precious seafront built by Royal Huisman designed by Dykstra Naval Architects with the interior design of Mark Whitely Design. Continua a leggere “Sailing yacht Aquarius another preciousness on the sea.”

Yacht Tango receives the Honorable Mention at the 2018 Compasso d’Oro Award

Tango, the fourth sailing superyacht of the Wallycento series, was awarded the Honorable Mention to the ADI 2018 Compasso d’Oro Award.

Over 1,200 products have been nominated for the preselection of the prize in the two-year period 2016-2017, 283 products submitted to the international jury.

Of these, 16 received the Compasso d’Oro award and 56 others received an honorable mention from the international jury. Finally, 11 Compasso d’Oro career awards were awarded, as well as 3 prizes and 10 Targa Giova certificates of merit, the latter being awarded to projects carried out in Italian design university schools by young people at the beginning of their career.

The awards, assigned by the ADI (Industrial Design Association) to both designers and producers, represent since 1954, the year of establishment of the award, the highest recognition for Italian design.

In the Italian design term all the forms of industrial design invented and realized in Italy are included, including interior design, urban design, fashion design and architectural design.

The Award Ceremony was held in Milan on June 20th this year at the Cortile della Rocchetta, inside the Castello Sforzesco, where Tango together with other products that took part in the prize giving ceremony were the protagonists of an exhibition open to the public from 21 to 26 June.

The Compasso d’Oro Award is awarded after a laborious pre-selection activity carried out by the Permanent Design Observatory, which includes critics, historians, designers and journalists who are specialized members of the ADI or external to it, all engaged with continuity in the collection, year after year, information and in evaluating and selecting the best products which are then published in the ADI Design Index yearbooks.

Every 2 years, an international jury selects among the objects reported in the biennial yearbooks preceding those to which the Compasso d’Oro award is awarded.

The almost three hundred projects awarded in over sixty years of the award’s life, together with almost two thousand selected with the Honorable Mention, are collected and kept in the Historical Collection of the Compasso d’Oro ADI Award, whose management has been entrusted to the ADI Foundation, established specifically by ADI in 2001, in collaboration with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and with the Regional Superintendency. The design of Tango will thus enrich this collection alongside the other products awarded during the 64 years of the Compasso d’Oro Award.

About this, Luca Bassani, founder and President of Wally, says:

Tango is exactly the boat we wanted to achieve when we started to develop the project: extremely clean lines and an aggressive look, reflecting the high performance of its DNA “, then continues, ” The Honorable Mention validates the design path that generated this superyacht and at the same time ratifies the identifying styles of our brand, thanks to which Wally has become a reference for nautical design and not only “.

Marcello Persico, CEO of the Persico Marine shipyard adds:

“We are very satisfied with this cruise superyacht: Tango weighs only 47.5 tons thanks to the optimization of the entire boat from the beginning of the project. Specifically, we worked hard to lighten every element of the boat. Not only working on the main composite structures but also on the interiors, also using carbon fiber and coated Nomex sandwich panels for these, and developing ultralight solutions to realize, for example, hinges and veneers “.

Paolo Pininfarina, President of the Pininfarina Group ends:

“The awarding of such a prestigious award is a source of immense pride and certifies the quality of the work of a real team of excellence in the nautical sector” “The aim was to once again be innovators, going to combine aesthetics and function, enhancing both aspects. Every detail is the result of an obsessive search, the result is a true Fuoriserie del mare, elegant and ultra performing, which will define a new benchmark in this sector “.

It is the fourth time that Wally is included in the list of winners of ADI Compasso d’Oro, won in 2004 with Tiketitoo and in 2008 with Ryokan 2, while Black Sails in 2011 and Tango this year received the honorable mention . A truly exceptional result.

The Chris-Craft Capri 27 classic sports boat

Capri 27 is a boat of the ancient American brand Chris-Craft famous throughout the world for the style and quality of its mahogany hulls chosen by presidents and great celebrities has been icons for several generations of American wellbeing.

Owning a boat of this important shipyard has always been the dream of all boat enthusiasts both today and in the past and it is certainly a great privilege for those who can enjoy it.

The first boat built by this traditional shipyard was launched in 1874 by Christopher Columbus Smith in Algonac, Michigan but became a prestigious brand for the production of mahogany motorboats worldwide only since the late 1920s under the presidency of the then Jay Smith. Over the years the charm of the boats has remained unique even though today obviously modern materials and technologies are used.

The distinctive elements that make these boats exclusive are that they are set up with the same care and precision that the old master carpenters used to build, built using a technique of craftsmanship and the craftsmen who built them have inherited a huge experience from their predecessors, a heritage that only very few shipyards in the world can boast.

Therefore, everything is meticulously created with a pignolement, perfectionism and scrupulosity at the highest levels, without neglecting anything to satisfy the most demanding customers, the one that appreciates the quality of the details, the research of leather and fabrics used, the design, the peculiarity of the stitching , the contours, the finishes and the solidity of the entire upholstery, but also the practicality and functionality of every single element used.

Today the shipyard designs and builds new models of different types Capri 27 is 8.10 meters long and 2.60 meters wide and was built with the most advanced technologies and set up according to the yard’s DNA.

Let’s say immediately who decides to buy today this boat is not only for the tradition of the shipyard for the quality for the style and its finishes, but also for its performance and sporty character.

In fact, Capri 27 has been set up with the maximum engine possible with a good 430 hp with a petrol-fueled V8 Mercury sterndrive engine to be able to control through trim and throttle.

Capri 27 is equipped with a singular cockpit all covered with comfortable padding and very spacious quilted upholstery with a sofa aft that has three anatomical seats and can accommodate up to 4 people with very high and protective backs with two piloting chairs that have a integrated handrail that also serves as an armrest and are pivoting so as to orient them towards the stern to form a pleasant area of ​​socialization after fantastic hikes on the waves.

Along the inner walls there are two drop-down tables with integrated handles and water drainage edges. Under the cockpit floor there is space for a glove usually used to house a portable icebox.

The bow is covered with teak with a luxurious automated anchor. Below deck there is a cabin with two berths, easily convertible into a double bed with a hidden but not separate toilet.

The plank is classic wraparound refined in   mirror polished stainless steel   teak glossy where you can taste the style of the 30s models.

At the stern there is a wide and padded sunbathing area, but by removing a side cushion by operating a command, an innovative motorized parapet is lowered and you discover a corridor that assumes a horizontal position to facilitate the boarding of 6 passengers. This innovative solution eliminates the need to cross the padded surface of the aft sundeck.

The boat is very stable with precise turns even under wave. From the tests carried out with the 2600 rpm engine the boat reaches 22 knots of speed while at 3500 rpm at 33 knots. The top speed with stable marine weather conditions reaches 50 knots.

Main technical characteristics
Length f.t. 8.10 m; Flotation length 6.8 m;
Width 2.6 m; Unload displacement 2,585 Kg;
Fuel tank capacity 310 l; Mercury 430 hp petrol engine;
6 people capacity; Cabins 1; Sleeps 2.


Cigarette Racing 515 Project ONE the beauty of speed

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing once again together for a high-performance project through a synergetic exchange of experience and technology that has lasted 11 years. Their collaboration in true is born, mainly through a common commercial action to share marketing initiatives to satisfy a particular demanding custom passionate about the beauty of speed both on land and on water. These are two different sectors but there is agreement and synergy between the Mercedes-AMG Germans and the Americans of Cigarette Racing.

The latest super motorboat is called Cigarette Racing 515 ONE that takes inspiration from Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, a sports car or better, a limited production two-seater hypercar produced by AMG, for road marching but built with a hybrid super-technology coming directly from the Formula 1 track.

The super US motorboat, in addition to the name Project ONE, the use of technology, the quality used and the refined luxury also captures some of the aesthetic and technical elements of the German hypercar, which is the particular characteristic of the boat. Like the typical opaque and silver black color of the hull and the unmistakable logo.

Cigarette Racing 515 has a hull 15 meters long and 2.90 meters wide with a slender shape, for maximum aerodynamics at sea. It has been powered by two dominant Mercury Racing V8 engines that develop a power of 1,350 hp each with the normal petrol to 91 octane and that can reach the power of 1,550 hp each using racing fuel. The total power varies between 2,700 and 3,100 hp that make it a real arrow on the sea built to emulate what the Mercedes-AMG will do on the road, even if we then stand in front of a super motorboat equipped with 3000 horses against 1000 or little more than the car.

Both carbon fiber and kevlar synthetic fiber have been used both for the car and for the boat as building materials that ensure lightness and the right stiffness. The end result is to have a functional, comfortable, safe and fast boat, which can reach 220 km / h which can withstand any impact, jump or anything else on the waves with a truly exceptional hold. It also weighs about 2 tons less than the previous model smaller than three meters a truly exceptional result.

On board, there is space to accommodate up to six people. Four on the aft seats of the driving position, and two on those reserved for pilot and co-driver. All are seated on special seats with a carbon fiber shell, just like the Mercedes-AMG Project One. Once on board and tightened the belts at all is guaranteed an adrenaline rush due to a strong emotion already guaranteed at a speed much lower than the potential 220 km / h or 140 miles per hour that this lightning of the sea can reach.

But we hear some statements issued at the conclusion of this last project by the highest managers:

“As the coolest and coolest supercar we’ve ever created, the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE was our source of inspiration for the impressive new Cigarette Racing 515 Project ONE,” said Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer, Daimler AG . “Both embody Performance Luxury at its best and are destined to become icons of design.”

“Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing have both been part of their DNA, which makes us natural partners to work together to keep pushing the limits of design and performance,” said Skip Braver, CEO of Cigarette Racing.

“Both on land and on water, our demanding customers demand the absolute best, so we are extremely proud to present the Cigarette Racing Team 515 Project ONE. It is by far our most impressive high-performance boat and represents a triumph of engineering that proudly reflects our inimitable performance pedigree.


The cost of the boat is around 2 million dollars the need for speed is expensive and the people who buy this type of boat are not owners of fast boats for the first time and in addition to having large economic resources are very demanding that rigorously evaluate the research of the materials used and the attention to detail of each individual elements used, technology and more and are the same buyers who buy luxury cars. Among the other and the same Companies that asserts “We want people who appreciate really technology, adaptation and finishing. “