Fearless 28 a very special motor boat

It is not the first time that an automotive company has an interest in activities other than the core business and engages in the construction of boats and yachts.  Continua a leggere “Fearless 28 a very special motor boat”

Baja 36 Outlaw the high performance great efficiency boat.

Baja Marine is one of the three brands of high performance boats together with Donzi Marine and Fountain Powerboat which is now part of the Iconic Marine Group (IMG). Continua a leggere “Baja 36 Outlaw the high performance great efficiency boat.”

Eliminator Speedster 255 handling, elegance and performance.

Eliminator Boats is a top-level company famous for its production of beautiful customized fast boats. This company was born in 1969 from the passion of building fast and exclusive boats, of its talented founder Bob Leach who started building boats for some friends before his passion became a job with the creation of a real commercial company one of the most important in the construction of custom boats. The company translates customers’ dreams into reality through designs that always use more advanced technologies. Continua a leggere “Eliminator Speedster 255 handling, elegance and performance.”

SC-46 the high performance catamaran by Outerlimits.

Since the development of modern construction technologies and new materials such as carbon fiber have made it possible to build ever more beautiful, compact, resistant, light and above all fast stable catamarans with exceptional maneuverability, they have been used in world offshore championships or as boats high performance. Continua a leggere “SC-46 the high performance catamaran by Outerlimits.”

Crypto Outerlimits SV 43 the water rocket

A niche, that of high-performance boats available only for wealthy very demanding customers who recognize and desire the absolute best in performance, style, good taste, design and workmanship. Starting right from the details such as the emphasis of the seams, the search for leathers, the contours of the upholstery that must coordinate with the colors of the boat, the high-tech instrumentation and the functionality of each single element, everything must be done with perfectionism and scrupulousness with a manic fussiness. All elements that then must reflect the personality of each individual customer to make the character of a boat singular. Continua a leggere “Crypto Outerlimits SV 43 the water rocket”