Baja 36 Outlaw the high performance great efficiency boat.

Baja Marine is one of the three brands of high performance boats together with Donzi Marine and Fountain Powerboat which is now part of the Iconic Marine Group (IMG).

All three brands have a loyalty of customers that date back to the 70s and after more than five decades their boats while maintaining the characteristics that distinguish them represent the best that the market can offer for innovations, performance, functionality and design, all this thanks also to the IMG group which managed to support them by hiring the best professionals in the various sectors.

In particular, Baja Marine is a company that since 1971 has been building high-performance great efficiency  boats with minimal fuel expenditure with simple controls, ideal for those approaching this sector  for the first time. It is a company that manages to translate customers’ dreams into reality through designs that always use the most advanced technologies by constantly building better and faster boats year after year to meet and exceed the expectations of an increasingly demanding clientele.

All this takes place thanks to a detailed development and research program with numerous tests on the various parts that make up the boat, which really serves to evaluate the validity of the ideas and innovations introduced that must not in the least affect the reputation of the company on boat safety.

The company currently offers three models of various sizes all included in the range called Outlaw, the most advanced in the sector in terms of performance, safety, durability and reliability.

The Baja 36 Outlaw boat, 37 feet 1 inch (11.30 m) long and 8 feet 6 inches wide (2.62 m) is the largest model in the range. The boat has a True-V hull, reinforced with carbon fiber, made to withstand the most difficult conditions. The external layout has been developed to experience the sea in complete relaxation and safety in the open area both when sailing and when standing still with spacious sunbathing areas, an aluminum swimming platform with a swimming ladder. The lighting is LED and a customizable JL sound system is installed on the boat.

Everything has been designed to spend a comfortable day right on the outdoor spaces, even if the boat is also equipped with an elegant and comfortable cabin below deck.

The cockpit of the command post has the first two seats that can be folded forward and adjusted with large padding and rhombus stitching, with the driving position enriched with flat screen displays, which can be seen clearly, and dashboard panels finished in carbon.

Immediately behind with ample legroom there are 3 more seats for passengers. The upholstery of the seats is coordinated with the color of the exterior of the boat with the stitching patterns made to perfection. From the paint to the interior, the boat can be customized according to the owner’s tastes, choosing from numerous very bright hull colors or customizable directly by the customer.

The entire cockpit of the control station is protected by a particular windscreen that helps to cut the air easily, eliminating any resistance to moving forward.

Between the two seats forward there is a door with access to a cozy V-bow cabin below deck with two skylights with mini kitchen, sink, refrigerator and toilet and the lounge seats that can easily be converted into sleeping beds.

The interiors are also coordinated with the colors of the exteriors. We wanted to create an atmosphere of great luxury by using refined handcrafted leathers where the rhombus stitching and the contours of the entire upholstery stand out, all made with perfectionism and scrupulousness to satisfy the surfers. more demanding who appreciate the quality of details. 

The Baja 36 Outlaw boat powered by two twin Mercury Racing petrol engines with 565 hp sterndrive easily exceeds the speed of 80 mph (129 km / h) in the operating range of 5000-5400 rpm. Other types of engines are not excluded.

Main technical characteristics

Length: 37 ‘1 ”- (11.30 m)

Width: 8 ‘6 “- (2.62 m)

Dry Weight: 9,300 lbs – (4,218 kg)

Draft: 40 “- (1m)

Difference in altitude: 24 degrees

Fuel capacity: 168 gallons – (636 liters)

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