Donzi Marine: Luxury, performance and innovation in outboard boats

Since 1964, Donzi Marine has established strong links with the marine industry by producing mass-produced boats with competitive performance. The company is known as a leader in performance boats and has strived to keep up with the changing needs of the market. To meet the ever-increasing demand for larger, more powerful boats with outboard engines, Donzi has launched a new line of boats that blends luxury, performance and innovation to meet the needs of different types of boating.


Donzi Marine outboards are characterized by an elegant and sophisticated design, attention to detail and quality workmanship. The company maximizes the potential of outboards, guaranteeing superior performance without compromising passenger comfort. Thanks to many years of experience in this field, Donzi Marine has refined the hull design to ensure stability and maneuverability at high speeds even in adverse conditions.
Today Donzi Marine further establishes itself as a leading company in the production of quality inboard and outboard boats.

Every outboard boat produced by Donzi Marine is characterized by an elegant and sophisticated design. The attention to detail and attention to finishes is also reflected in the interior design of each model.
The interior of the cabin has a sporty and luxurious feel with high quality upholstery, comfortable sofas and distinctive details such as the Donzi logo, adding a touch of unique style. A sporty luxury ambiance creates the highest level of sailing experience.
Donzi Marine is known for its high speed performance and cutting edge technical solutions. Donzi Marine outboards are equipped with the best outboard engines available on the market. Engines like the Mercury Verado 400R or 450R, in both double and triple configurations, provide tremendous power that allows these boats to reach incredible speeds. Donzi Marine boats are designed for excellent stability and maneuverability in adverse weather conditions. In addition, Garmin electronic navigation technology and VesselView built into the helm station offer greater control and greater safety while underway.

Donzi Marine is constantly striving to introduce innovations that improve the sailing experience. One example is the introduction of the aluminum framed SkyView acrylic hardtop on the 41 GTZ outboard. This hardtop offers excellent sun and wind protection without sacrificing boat speed. Thanks to its aerodynamic structural design, the 41 GTZ guarantees excellent performance. In addition, the SeaDek non-slip coating on the deck offers comfort, protection and soundproofing, ensuring safe and comfortable sailing.

The Donzi 41 GT was the first highly flexible high-end luxury sports boat with outboard engines from Donzi Marine. This model is the brand’s first Gran Turismo, combining space, ergonomics, comfort and performance in a single solution. Inheriting his unmistakable style, Donzi Marine has designed this boat to offer not only speed but also the possibility of having a fun experience with family and friends. Travel quickly and safely to your favorite destinations while always staying in touch with the sea.

 The Donzi 41 GT features a gabled hull and shimmering trim for an elegant presence on the water. With a length of 12.34 meters (40 feet) and a beam of 2.94 meters (10 feet), this boat has an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic with a stainless steel finish. The cockpit is fully lined with comfortable padding and quilted upholstery. The seats are located near the side bulwarks, two facing the direction of navigation and two facing the bow. It offers a special space to relax and enjoy the splendor of the sea while traveling.

 The central cockpit has space for a fridge and sink. There is also a practical storage compartment in the stern.

Towards the bow, there is the driving position and that of the companion, both equipped with adjustable sports seats with an enveloping windshield. A sliding door between the two seats gives access to a spacious forward cabin with a six-seater lounge, a wardrobe, a sink and a shower. 

The Donzi 41 GT represents the perfect blend of luxury, elegance, comfort and offshore performance and fully satisfies the needs of customers looking for high quality. This boat embodies the Donzi Marine philosophy which remains a benchmark in its sector thanks to its impeccable craftsmanship and commitment to creating unique experiences for luxury boating enthusiasts. 

The Donzi 39VRZ is the latest outboard motor boat produced by Donzi Marine. A large boat that represents the latest innovation in high performance center console boats. With a legendary reputation for building competitive production boats, Donzi Marine has crafted a brilliance that embodies the perfect blend of design, style and performance, with special attention paid to the center console to deliver an unrivaled cruising experience.

But the Donzi 39VRZ is not just performance. The elegant and innovative design attracts attention at first sight. The interiors have been meticulously designed to offer passengers a sophisticated and comfortable space. Upholstered seats, high-quality finishes and luxurious materials create a first-class atmosphere on board, providing maximum comfort during all sea adventures. 

Attention to detail also extends to functionality. The intelligent layout of the spaces allows you to optimize the use of the boat, while the central console offers a clear view of the navigation and control functions. Furthermore, the aft platform offers a convenient point of access to the water, facilitating activities such as fishing or diving.

The Donzi 39VRZ is the result of years of experience and dedication in the center console performance craft industry. Donzi Marine has once again demonstrated its leadership in the field, offering a high-end option for sea lovers seeking excellence in terms of performance, style and quality.

With the Donzi 39VRZ, Donzi Marine continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the center console performance boat industry. This latest creation is an unmissable opportunity for those who wish to experience the thrill of sailing one of the most renowned and respected brands in the marine industry while enjoying a center console boat that combines outstanding performance with outstanding design.

All Donzi Marine boats are designed to offer versatility and plenty of space for socializing and relaxing. The cockpit layouts are designed for entertainment and comfort, allowing you to fully enjoy the boat both on the move and when stationary. Pivoting wraparound seats, sun loungers and chaise longues offer spaces to relax, sunbathe and enjoy the wonders of the sea. What’s more, the interior features large, well-concealed stowage areas, allowing you to keep the boat neat and organised.

In particular, the outboards produced by Donzi Marine represent luxury, performance and innovation in the nautical sector. Donzi Marine is committed to providing elegant, performing and technologically advanced boats to meet the needs of its demanding customers. The combination of sophisticated design, superior performance, cutting-edge technology and uncompromising comfort make Donzi Marine outboards the ideal choice for sailing enthusiasts looking for a high-end experience on the water.