“41 GTZ: a masterpiece of design and technology for an unprecedented sailing experience”

Donzi Marine debuted its new 41GTZ model, which was met with positive response.

The boat has been totally restored, with a brand new interior that provides a full entertainment experience.

The yacht is great for sailing and entertainment, with six bucket seats and two aft sundecks.

Furthermore, the groundbreaking SkyView hardtop is a one-of-a-kind feature available on no other boat in the market.

The aluminum frame’s aerodynamic design does not hinder the boat’s speed, and the new transparent top provides 90% UV and 60% infrared protection.

This makes the boat extremely comfortable for passengers and crew, particularly on long days at sea.

The 41GTZ includes air conditioning in both the cabin and cockpit as standard, making it ideal for summer sailing.

Double-sided sofas promote discussion below decks, and the boat has a pop-up head with a holding tank.

Its function is critical for environmental protection because it prevents garbage from ending up in the water.

The Donzi 41 GTZ is 40 feet 6 inches (12.34 meters) long and 9 feet 8 inches (2.95 meters) wide, providing a huge platform for sailing in luxury.

The dry weight of the boat is 9,500 lbs (4,309.17 kg), making it easy to navigate and operate on the water.

The boat’s design is unusual, with a linked deck, hull, and transom grid that provides a smooth and stable ride.

The Donzi 41 GTZ has a gasoline tank capacity of 300 US gallons, which is roughly 1,136.52 litres.

The boat’s enormous fuel capacity enables it to cruise great distances without needing to refill regularly.

Additionally, the boat has a water capacity of 30 US gallons (about 113.65 litres), allowing you to have fresh water on board for using the toilets and showers.

The cockpit comfort of the Donzi 41GTZ has been meticulously engineered to deliver unrivaled convenience to the occupants.

The sports helm seats with adjustable fold-down support are among the model’s most eye-catching characteristics.

These chairs are ideal for offshore driving or maneuvering in port since the angle may be adjusted to reach the most comfortable posture.

Moreover, the high-quality cushioning provides ideal support when sailing.

Amidships, there are four enveloping seats with abundant cushioning and very high and protecting backrests, as well as rotating characteristics that allow them to be orientated in any direction, forming a nice socializing place after amazing trips on the waves with a central retractable table.

While traveling, the seats may be positioned forward, while when stationary, they can be rearranged around the table, with all of the air covered by the hardtop and a fridge with drawer cooler and sink put directly in the center of the cockpit.

Personal goods can be kept close at reach with under-seat storage compartments.

Furthermore, the cockpit of the Donzi 41GTZ includes dedicated compartments behind the aft saloons, providing ample and well-organized storage space.

This lets you to bring everything you need for a boat excursion on board, from food and drink to water toys and athletic equipment.

Another cockpit feature of the 41GTZ is the music system, which includes high-end speakers and storage inserts.

These inserts are great for keeping goods like water bottles, sunglasses, and mobile phones close to reach.

The speakers are of outstanding quality and provide a great audio experience when navigating.

The stern of the new 41 GTZ benefits from two large, beautiful, and comfortable chaise longues positioned along the sides and oriented in the opposite direction of navigation, with a large central space between the two very easy seats and without any obstacles, it is possible to walk from the platform swimming on the transom until you reach the access door to the lower deck cabin.

Lastly, the 41GTZ’s unique glass windscreen provides occupants with a panoramic view of the surrounding environment while shielding them from winds and precipitation.

The windshield’s thickness of 3/4 inch also provides ideal protection against bumps and impacts, assuring maximum safety while navigation.

To summarize, the Donzi 41GTZ cockpit has been intended to provide maximum convenience and comfort to the occupants through a variety of well-thought-out and high-quality features.

The Donzi Z Step hull – Double step, the composite grid and FRP Stringer – No Wood, the self-bailing fiberglass with non-stick deck, the united deck, the hull, deck, and transom grate, composite core, and interior lining of FRP cabin are among the construction features that Donzi has used to make this boat unique.

Donzi Marine’s Donzi Z Step hull – Double step provides improved stability, acceleration, and speed owing to the two steps on the bottom of the hull.

This technical approach, which is also employed on other boats in the yard, provides for a more efficient flow of water beneath the hull, which reduces resistance and improves performance.

Additionally, the steps increase the boat’s stability in the water, making it more maneuverable and lessening wave impact.

Another technological breakthrough from Donzi Marine is the composite grid and FRP Stringer – No Wood.

This method was chosen to replace wood within the boat with lighter, stronger, and more lasting composite materials.

The Composite Grid and FRP Stringer, in particular, are constructed of UV and seawater resistant materials, which provide increased durability and corrosion resistance.

Another major structural characteristic of the 41GTZ is the self-draining fiberglass with non-stick deck.

Donzi has employed innovative fiberglass technology that allows the boat to autonomously drain itself of seawater, decreasing the risk of water collection and instability on board.

Furthermore, the nonstick deck improves passenger safety and comfort while navigating.

The joint deck, hull, deck, and transom grid were planned and built as a one structure, which improved the boat’s stability, strength, and performance.

Furthermore, the utilization of high-quality composite materials, such as the FRP cabin’s composite core and interior lining, ensures increased longevity and corrosion resistance.

Donzi Marine’s 41GTZ model is a creative and technologically sophisticated sports boat that employs high-quality construction solutions to assure great performance, comfort, and safety while navigating.

Donzi Marine once again proves its mastery in the design and manufacture of high-quality, high-performance sports boats.


The Donzi 41GTZ’s helm station is intended to provide an efficient and intuitive driving experience, with a number of cutting-edge components and gauges that allow the pilot to manage the boat accurately and reliably.

The 41GTZ’s dashboard incorporates a carbon panel with LED push button switches, allowing quick and simple access to all of the boat’s functions and controls.

Vessel View 702, a twin or triple display system, gives the pilot with a variety of vital information concerning boat performance, such as speed, fuel consumption, temperatures, and engine pressures.

The 41GTZ’s controls are in the hands of the Merc DTS (Digital Throttle & Shift) system, which provides a smooth and accurate driving experience due to the electronic control system.

The Gussi sports steering wheel is ergonomic and well-positioned, providing the pilot with fine control over the boat’s course.

Garmin and Vessel View technologies give a wide range of advanced capabilities like as GPS, mapping, wireless networking, and more for the 41GTZ’s on-board electronics.

Lastly, the helm station has a handy 12V plug and an audio port, allowing you to charge your personal gadgets and listen to music while on the water.

In summary, the Donzi 41GTZ’s helm station is designed to provide the pilot with maximum comfort, precision, and safety during navigation, owing to the inclusion of cutting-edge components and instruments that allow the boat to be operated effortlessly and reliably.

The 41GTZ cab is equipped with a number of features that make it both comfortable and useful.

The inclusion of the head with black water tank, in particular, allows waste to be treated hygienically without having to toss it into the sea.

Instead, the cabinet with fresh water basin and pressured shower provides a space dedicated to personal hygiene, guaranteeing optimal comfort even on extended journeys.

Within the cabin, there are twin seats with filler cushions that serve as a rest space for people who choose to spend the night on board.

With this equipment, the 41GTZ becomes a versatile boat appropriate for both day and night trips at sea.

The 41GTZ cabin looks to be a welcome and comfortable place in general, owing to the presence of several amenities and the attractive design with attention to detail.

The use of high-quality materials and attention to detail create a luxurious and refined ambience in the cabin, which the passengers remark.

The 41GTZ is a hybrid sports boat with exceptional performance owing to its creative design, high-quality materials, and powerful outboard engines.

The Mercury Verado 400 Twin Engine Package and the Mercury Verado 400 Triple Engine Package are two of the engine choices offered for the 41GTZ.

The twin Mercury Verado 400 engine combo produces 800 total horsepower and has a peak speed of more than 70 miles per hour.

Because of unique technology like as direct fuel injection and supercharging, Verado 400 engines are noted for their exceptional performance, dependability, and fuel efficiency.

With this engine configuration, the 41GTZ provides a quick and exhilarating driving experience, ideal for water enthusiasts seeking high performance.

The Mercury Verado 400 triple engine combination is an excellent choice for those searching for even more horsepower.

This engine set, with a combined output of 1200 horsepower, provides tremendous acceleration and a peak speed in excess of 80mph.

The 41GTZ gives an adrenaline-pumping driving experience and a sense of total power with this engine arrangement.

The 41GTZ is outfitted with modern engine management technology in both circumstances, including the Mercury DTS digital throttle and shift control system and the Mercury VesselView navigation data monitoring system.

These devices enable pilots to effortlessly manage engine power output, monitor engine performance, and maneuver safely and comfortably.

The Mercury Verado 400 twin or triple engine combination is an excellent choice for the 41GTZ, which provides remarkable performance and speed.

Water enthusiasts seeking thrills and excitement will find the 41GTZ with these engine options to be an excellent choice.

Overall, the 41GTZ is a stunning, quick, one-of-a-kind, and revolutionary hybrid sports boat that provides an excellent entertaining and cruising experience.

Donzi Marine has once again proven its expertise in the design and building of high-quality sports boats.