MTI 340X the pleasure boat with impressive performance.

The extraordinary success of the boats of the American shipyard MTI (Marine Technology Inc.) is to be attributed mainly to its founder the American offshore champion Randy Scism who has been able to transfer to pleasure boats all the experience in design and engineering gained in offshore competitions before as world champion driver, driving the fastest catamarans, and then as general manager of the Victory Team, the invincible squadron that has won so many victories in Dubai in the Offshore Classes.

The construction site is known and appreciated not only for the high performance of its models, but also for the quality of the comfortable and safe buildings.

MTI 340X is a catamaran-style pleasure boat that retains all the features of a racing boat with a hull that is the same that won the world speed championship reserved for catamarans.

To obtain ultra-light and resistant competitive catamarans with maximum maneuverability and performance MTI uses a constructive technique of processing composite materials, mostly in carbon, very advanced using an epoxy post-polymerization process, with core, with empty bag with hull and deck glued with Kevlar panels.

The hull design is patented to guarantee a pleasant ride through details, V-shaped fairings or Vee Bottom, as the Americans call them.

Aesthetically the deck of the hull stands out because it goes down towards the water to lower the center of gravity of the boat and increase stability because to run at 100 knots, the boat must necessarily be stable.

The hull is 34 feet (10.30 m) long and 10 feet (3 m) wide and weighs just 2742 kg. It is the smallest outboard of the MTI series but it has many of the same features as the larger models like 6 anatomical seats all mounted directly on the floor of the boat just above the waterline because even the weight of the pilot’s and co-pilot’s guests affects the overall stability of the boat.


The two seats for the pilot and co-pilot are divided by a central support, where the throttle throttles and the gear knobs are installed separately to allow the pilot and co-pilot to share the tasks during navigation. Just behind it are the other four guest seats with ample space available for the legs.

The entire cockpit area or rather the cockpit is protected by an enveloping windshield. We are talking about a racing boat and obviously there are no standing seats but everyone on board must be seated strictly for safety reasons.

Indeed the success of these high-performance boats owes much to the Verado outboard line, particularly to the powerful and reliable Mercury Racing 400R. The MTI 340X is also powered by two Mercury Racing outboard motors of 400 hp each mounted at the far end of the transom to remove noise and vibration.

Each boat can be customized according to the owner’s tastes by an impressive list of options and by the choice between numerous very lively hull colors with airbrushed sides that celebrate a tacit hymn to speed and power.

This model is a racing boat that has been transformed into a pleasure craft, it has been designed exclusively to go fast, but for racing fans it nevertheless lasts, the manufacturers assure that it is easy to drive and it is not necessary to be a former runner to drive it safely and comfortably at maximum speed. The tests carried out show that the boat enters the glide without changing its attitude only with a small amount of gas and with a crazy acceleration it reaches a cruising speed of 80 MPH with an incredible 2.5 MPG and if conditions permit it , you can touch speed  well over 100 MPH.

The high performance boat sector is aimed at a particular clientele eager for strong emotions with a large portfolio that greatly appreciates the quality of details but also practicality and functionality.

The boats are built for those who find pleasure in the famous perception of speed on the sea that is vastly superior to that which is recorded on the ground, inside a car and to the sensation that one feels when trying to push forward with speed, s ‘begins to perceive that strong mixed emotion of risk and fear that soon turns into pure adrenaline that seems to be beneficial for the body and mind.

Several owners of these hyper-fast boats in reality at least from the beginning do not have the courage to push the throttle thrust at the end but still they manage gradually lap after lap maybe together with a small group of friends or relatives to dare more  to reach first the limit of one’s speed. And this is enough to arouse a state of contentment, enthusiasm, fun, excitement, of motivation, satisfaction and positive energy they need to live. That’s why, for this type of boat, together with performance it is essential to take care of safety too.

  About this Randy Scism declares: “MTI boats are the fastest and safest in the world”.

Main technical features

Design: Catamaran

Style: Outboard

Length: 34 feet

Wide: 10 feet

Weight: 2742 Kg

Seats: six

Fuel capacity: 150 gallons

Power supply: Twin outboard motor with Mercury 400R engines

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