MTI 390X a step forward with the new 450R Mercury Rancing.

As easily predictable the new 450R outboard motor the most powerful and reliable, technologically the most advanced of the moment of the Verado line realized by Mercury Rancing launched on the market this year 2019 with an unprecedented 450 HP of impressionable power is arousing so much interest among Companies that build high-performance boats.

Among the first companies that chose this engine, with 4.6-liter V-cylinders with a 2.4-liter volumetric compressor, to boost its new outboard-style catamaran is the sample MTI (Marine Techonolgy Inc.) American offshore Randy Scism leading yard in the production of high quality fast boats.

This new 390X style outboard motor catamaran powered by two of these powerful and reliable engines manages to exceed the amazing 120 mph speed  equivalent to 104 knots.

The 390X is a larger version of the popular 340X outboard cat of the same X series. The X series for outboards is the smallest built by MTI for catamarans, although it retains much of the same features found in the larger models starting from a luxurious passenger compartment protected by an enveloping windshield with 6 seats for two forward for the pilot and co-pilot and immediately after the other 4 for passengers with ample space for the legs.

It is about 12 meters (39 feet and 4 inches) long, about 3.50 meters wide (10 feet and 6 inches) and has a fuel capacity of 568 liters (150 US gallons). The hull weighs only 2,722 kg (6,000 pounds), because it was built using brand new CNC molds with steps integrated into the rear.

In this regard Randy Scism, owner and founder of MTI issued the following statement:

“We made all the new tools and molds on this new boat, and it worked great, it’s not a cut and stretch. All we did was improve what we thought was the best deal there.

Initially the manufacturer’s intention was to build a 38 foot then the team decided to add a 39 foot to the range however the driving feeling is the same as those of larger cats in the same company.

The 390X is equipped with two Mercury Racing 450R outboards with Sport Master racing feet and racing propellers. The engines are mounted far away at the end of the transom that descends towards the water.

With a small acceleration and an almost instantaneous response, you immediately enter the plane and pushing the handcuffs you immediately find yourself touching the 80 mph with absolute stability and when conditions allow, there is still so much acceleration available, higher than any other outboard of the same size, and for those who have the courage and the right competence, all that remains is to give gas to try to reach the limit speed of the boat that exceeds 120 mph.

To run at these speeds it is necessary for the boat to be stable sturdy and light with the lowest possible center of gravity with a hull that makes driving comfortable and safe, all features guaranteed by MTI branded hulls connected to the direct sports experience of the shipyard owner.

As for the smaller version, the 390X MTI is also a racing boat transformed into a super-fast pleasure boat by Randy Scism.

Usually speeding is the main safety problem but not for this boat and Randy Scism himself ensures that the MTI boats are the fastest and safest in the world.

The boat was tested in the water on Lake X, which is the testing facility of Mercury Racing in this regard Randi Scism commented as follows:

“We spent a couple of days at Lake X composing the boat and the boy exceeded our expectations: we are really excited about the new 390X and how well it behaves”. “It’s the 340X on steroids is the best way I can describe it. It’s bigger, more stable and handles incredibly well. It’s definitely the next step forward, and it wouldn’t be possible without Mercury Racing and the new 450R “.

The same Randy Scism, ensures that in any case the 390X works well with Mercury Racing Verado 400R engines if a customer decides not to go to the 450R block.

Like all MTI models, 390X can also be customized with a large list of options and the choice of numerous hull colors. Even the interiors can be made according to the customer’s taste, including lighting and sound systems.

MTI presented the new 390X cat by inviting dealers and journalists and potential customers at the Haulover Marine Center located in North Miami Beach which serves as a secondary sales office for MTI which includes a dry-dock for 500 boats. After the official presentation the same night, MTI sold the 390X under the pressure of a good offer that Randy Scism and his team could not refuse.

“One of my clients convinced me to put it up for auction so we could have some fun and someone bought it for $ 700,000,” he said. “So I have to start over. But I have other things to come “

The same Scism claims to have taken around 10 orders for the 390X to date. “It’s basically a 340X with steroids,” he said. “It’s bigger, deeper, faster to die. It will be fantastic in rough waters. “

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