New Mercury the 5 hp Propane/LPG outboard for small sailboats and tender.

Mercury Marine, founded in 1939, is among the most prestigious companies in the world in the production of marine engines of the inboard and sterndrive and outboard types.

It is in the range of outboard engines ranging from 2.5 to 450 horsepower that Mercury has recently been intensifying its efforts motivated by a market demand that would seem to prefer this type of engine currently.

His utmost attention is to create ever more powerful and reliable engines with low weights that consume and pollute as little as possible both for the high category of the range, that is between 150 hp and 450 hp, and for the category of lower power engines that from 2.5 hp to 150 hp.

To celebrate the company’s 80th anniversary, Mercury Marine launched two outboard motors this year 2019, one in the high category with its new 450R Mercury Racing with unparalleled outboard performance and the other in the lower category, the new FourStroke outboard with 5 hp Propane/ LPG. The latter is a light, reliable and practical 4-stroke engine that pollutes and consumes very little because it is powered by LPG, the same propane gas that we use for cars and which is also used to feed barbecues in the garden where cartridges are used. propane gas very widespread and safe standards for transport and storage. It is also cheaper because LPG costs less than gasoline in addition its combustion system is also cleaner for its exhaust polluting emissions 30% lower than that of a traditional petrol engine.

It has a displacement of 123 cc, which develops 5 effective hp and is a newly developed Mercury outboard that offers the highest power in its category with reliability, ecological sustainability and safety. Just to ensure adequate safety, the engine is equipped with an automatic shut-off valve for the supply of propane installed on the engine and in the fuel hose connector. The engine is equipped with a series of specific elements such as the gas mixer, the cylinder head valves optimized for the use of LPG, the pressure regulator and more.

The supply hose connecting the outboard to the tank is a standard 6 foot (1.8 meter) long type and comes with a standard US POL connector on the side of the tank.

The tank has a capacity of approximately 19 liters (5 gallons) of conventional propane which guarantees approximately 10 hours of full throttle navigation.

Ignition is simplified by the manual starter which enriches the air / fuel mixture to ensure quick starts especially with cold engine. Auto decompression reduces the pulling force when using the starter rope.

The engine shaft, thanks to a comfortable and easily accessible control lever, can be tilted to six trim positions to set the outboard where it is needed, including the position for navigation in shallow water.

With only 27.2 kg of weight, the 5 hp FourStroke is light and simple to transport, ideal for pushing aluminum boats, inflatable boats.

Then there is a particular version of the Sail Power to be able to use it as an auxiliary engine for those sailboats that need a small outboard.

This model is available with 20-inch (508 mm) and 25-inch (635 mm) leggings and this version of the engine includes a charging system, with a 12V alternator, 4 A / 50 W and a battery that powers the electronics and navigation lights.

The reverse thrust exhaust system and the high thrust propeller improve maneuverability and control at low speeds.

Aesthetically, the engine grille is characterized by green rather than red friezes to highlight the ecological activity of this engine.

In this regard, Jim Hergert, head of the Mercury category of outboard engines lower than 60 hp, made the following statement:

“This is the first Mercury outboard to run on clean combustion propane fuel.”

“Propane doesn’t degrade or contain ethanol, so you don’t have to worry about what type of fuel should work or how fresh it is. The pressure feed system eliminates priming, making it easier to start the outboard and the automatic shut-off valves are there for safety. “

“In short, it’s a very ecological outboard, easy to use, reliable and intuitive.”

It is evident that the main feature of this engine remains the fuel from which propane is powered which is cheaper than gasoline, it is not a marine pollutant, cannot enter the water, produces only a small amount of hydrocarbons compared to gasoline and does not reduces the ozone layer. A propane container can be attached to the bonnet or can be dispensed from a larger tank through a tube such as a propane-powered barbecue.

If the smaller models can be used by tender for yachts and small sailboats, we can only hope that Mercury, the American motor giant worldwide, in the near future will propose new larger models always powered by alternative fuels with clean combustion without a doubt best suited to preserve the integrity of the sea.

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