Hanse 460 sailing yacht of the year in the “Family Cruiser” category

The brand new Hanse 460 sailboat won the “European Yacht of the Year 2022” award in the highly competitive “Family Cruiser” category. Despite the second year of the pandemic, the jury made up of 12 European nautical journalists, who curate as many specialized magazines in the sector, managed to test all the boats in the water  and despite the strong competitors in the end Hanse 460 won the deserved victory. Continua a leggere “Hanse 460 sailing yacht of the year in the “Family Cruiser” category”

The sailboat Amel 50 sloop no ketch

The yards of sailing boats are more and more adapted to the needs expressed by the new owners who are not necessarily experienced sailors and ask for safe and simple boats to manage in navigation and more comfortable when they are standing still. The sail aspect is important but not decisive because they also look for other items before buying a boat. Continua a leggere “The sailboat Amel 50 sloop no ketch”

The Pink Gin VI sailing yacht is the largest carbon fiber sloop in the world

In recent years, the needs of superyacht owners have increased considerably due to the development of technologies applied to boats. Many existing shipyards have had to adapt, while the new ones have already started assuring high standards of technology both for the hulls and for the plant engineering.

But how should a new generation superyacht be today?

It must be a multi-role yacht that behaves at the highest levels both as a luxury cruiser and as a racing yacht with a sea of ​​complex high-tech systems starting from the helm to the anchorage to the alarm systems. Continua a leggere “The Pink Gin VI sailing yacht is the largest carbon fiber sloop in the world”

Royal Clipper is a really special cruise

It has been around for thirty years that luxury cruise holidays have become a massive vacation through the construction of mega larger cruise ships able to accommodate more and more passengers at once at increasingly crumbling prices to hold on to more and more intense competition in a sector that has been growing strongly since years. Continua a leggere “Royal Clipper is a really special cruise”

Sailing Superyacht Baracuda Valletta

When inside a company there is the owner who also the creator of so many innovative patents in the industry where the company is definitely working, it has a greater gear than the others. A patent in itself is not a guarantee of commercial success but it surely represents a tool that increases the ability of a company to benefit from its own inventions. Continua a leggere “Sailing Superyacht Baracuda Valletta”