The Pink Gin VI sailing yacht is the largest carbon fiber sloop in the world

In recent years, the needs of superyacht owners have increased considerably due to the development of technologies applied to boats. Many existing shipyards have had to adapt, while the new ones have already started assuring high standards of technology both for the hulls and for the plant engineering.

But how should a new generation superyacht be today?

It must be a multi-role yacht that behaves at the highest levels both as a luxury cruiser and as a racing yacht with a sea of ​​complex high-tech systems starting from the helm to the anchorage to the alarm systems.

With simple navigation systems, lightweight but robust construction and minimum noise levels so that the navigation experience is as stress-free and as comfortable as possible.

Furthermore, the development of the interior technical design must focus on the search for maximum comfort that always satisfies the owners’ individual tastes.

These are the main properties that are normally required in the design of a new generation boat and the 175-feet  long (53 meters) Pink Gin VI is a newly created sailing boat at the top in the world of super yachting no only because it satisfies all these characteristics but because it presents some very complex innovations to realize unusual to find them in a sailboat.

The Pink Gin VI was built by the Finnish shipyard Baltic Yachts, the naval architecture was designed by the famous Judel / Vrolijk & co studio , while the interiors are signed by Design Unlimited.

This boat was commissioned directly by the current owner of the shipyard the German professor Hans Georg Näder , who over the years has asked to build all six yachts in the Pink Gin series. The development of the last one required 4 years at the end the results were amazing.

The Pink Gin VI to date is the carbon sailboat with only one tree, technically called sloop, the largest in the world.

The tried and tested sandwic or composite structure technique for hulls and decks was used to build it, where Baltic Yachts has a notable global expertise.

The end result was amazing the boat weighs just 235 tons nothing compared to the size. The carbon fiber mast is 67.9 m high, with a shamelessly deep pink veil to be recognized even at great distances.

The lifting keel weighs 71 tons and allows a draft that varies from 7 to 4.5 meters.

Let’s say immediately that Pink Gin VI has a vocation more for long cruises than for regattas even if a considerable sailing system has been set up.

The boat is equipped with a main engine Man V 12 of 1400 hp to ensure navigation even without sail with a maximum speed of 20 knots.

The peculiar characteristic of this boat is the presence of two openings in the hull of the real folding terraces.

A is at the bow in the owners suite on the right hand side. When the opening is closed it is part without any problem of the structure of the hull. When open it generates additional space in the suite due to this personal platform that opens onto the sea through an electro / hydraulic system that is operated on command creating a pleasant balcony with light and fresh air coming directly from the outside with the possibility of dive directly into the sea without going through the main bridge.

The other a is at the center of the boat on the left side with direct access from the main hall that allows guests an agile descent into the sea. Surely this opening towards the sea with a ladder that folds together with a bathroom platform was the most complex thing realized considering the high safety standards associated with a work of this type. Even when this terrace is closed it becomes an integral part of the yacht’s structure.


The exteriors are characterized by the presence of a large cockpit divided into three well disengaged areas: a living area with a bar with adjoining kitchen, the command post of the boat and a third relaxation area with comfortable seating.

The interiors have been designed to house up to 14 guests in seven cabins, including a full-beam master suite and as described above with a private balcony a feature that is not usually found on a sailboat.

The materials used for the interiors have been carefully chosen to create environments that are not only elegant but also welcoming to create a comfortable atmosphere.

To achieve all this, it was decided to use precious velvets and leathers for almos all surface coatings including drawers and furnishings.

At the end of the work, Mark Tucker, Director of Design Unlimited issued the following declaration:

“Working on Pink Gin VI was a great and exciting challenge. The new yacht is not so much an evolution of the previous Pink Gin, but a revolution in design; a superyacht that reflects the owner’s personality and passions.

It was a six-year journey that pushed the boundaries of design to create a tactile interior that combines international art, fashion and experience.

Design Unlimited paid particular attention to the collaboration of the external spaces of the bridge with the interiors. The result is a seamless transition, perfectly in tune with the outdoor lifestyle of the superyacht property.

Pink Gin VI is not just a superyacht, it is a declaration of individuality and creativity.



Main specifications

Overall length: 53.70 m; Length of the waterline: 44.80 m;

Beam: 9.55 m; Immersion: 4.50 m – 7.00 m;

Displacement 250 t; Ballast 75 t;

Naval Architecture: judel / vrolijk & co; Interior design: Design Unlimited;

Fuel: 18,000 l; Main engine: Man V12 1400 hp;

Maximum speed: 20 knots.

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