The Chris-Craft Capri 27 classic sports boat

Capri 27 is a boat of the ancient American brand Chris-Craft famous throughout the world for the style and quality of its mahogany hulls chosen by presidents and great celebrities has been icons for several generations of American wellbeing.

Owning a boat of this important shipyard has always been the dream of all boat enthusiasts both today and in the past and it is certainly a great privilege for those who can enjoy it.

The first boat built by this traditional shipyard was launched in 1874 by Christopher Columbus Smith in Algonac, Michigan but became a prestigious brand for the production of mahogany motorboats worldwide only since the late 1920s under the presidency of the then Jay Smith. Over the years the charm of the boats has remained unique even though today obviously modern materials and technologies are used.

The distinctive elements that make these boats exclusive are that they are set up with the same care and precision that the old master carpenters used to build, built using a technique of craftsmanship and the craftsmen who built them have inherited a huge experience from their predecessors, a heritage that only very few shipyards in the world can boast.

Therefore, everything is meticulously created with a pignolement, perfectionism and scrupulosity at the highest levels, without neglecting anything to satisfy the most demanding customers, the one that appreciates the quality of the details, the research of leather and fabrics used, the design, the peculiarity of the stitching , the contours, the finishes and the solidity of the entire upholstery, but also the practicality and functionality of every single element used.

Today the shipyard designs and builds new models of different types Capri 27 is 8.10 meters long and 2.60 meters wide and was built with the most advanced technologies and set up according to the yard’s DNA.

Let’s say immediately who decides to buy today this boat is not only for the tradition of the shipyard for the quality for the style and its finishes, but also for its performance and sporty character.

In fact, Capri 27 has been set up with the maximum engine possible with a good 430 hp with a petrol-fueled V8 Mercury sterndrive engine to be able to control through trim and throttle.

Capri 27 is equipped with a singular cockpit all covered with comfortable padding and very spacious quilted upholstery with a sofa aft that has three anatomical seats and can accommodate up to 4 people with very high and protective backs with two piloting chairs that have a integrated handrail that also serves as an armrest and are pivoting so as to orient them towards the stern to form a pleasant area of ​​socialization after fantastic hikes on the waves.

Along the inner walls there are two drop-down tables with integrated handles and water drainage edges. Under the cockpit floor there is space for a glove usually used to house a portable icebox.

The bow is covered with teak with a luxurious automated anchor. Below deck there is a cabin with two berths, easily convertible into a double bed with a hidden but not separate toilet.

The plank is classic wraparound refined in   mirror polished stainless steel   teak glossy where you can taste the style of the 30s models.

At the stern there is a wide and padded sunbathing area, but by removing a side cushion by operating a command, an innovative motorized parapet is lowered and you discover a corridor that assumes a horizontal position to facilitate the boarding of 6 passengers. This innovative solution eliminates the need to cross the padded surface of the aft sundeck.

The boat is very stable with precise turns even under wave. From the tests carried out with the 2600 rpm engine the boat reaches 22 knots of speed while at 3500 rpm at 33 knots. The top speed with stable marine weather conditions reaches 50 knots.

Main technical characteristics
Length f.t. 8.10 m; Flotation length 6.8 m;
Width 2.6 m; Unload displacement 2,585 Kg;
Fuel tank capacity 310 l; Mercury 430 hp petrol engine;
6 people capacity; Cabins 1; Sleeps 2.


The Aquijo sailing yacht is an exceptional team work.

The Aquijo yacht is the largest two-masted sailboat in the world or better said to be the largest ketch in the world. Aquijo built in 2016 was the result of an amazing team work starting from the designers from the two major Dutch shipyards, who got together for this great project, ending up with the Master Yacht Management company, which offers management and supervision for the construction of yachts on behalf of the owners.


The owner of this mega yacht is now the fourth richest man in Norway with an estimated net worth of 2.6 billion dollars, a majority shareholder of Aker Solutions and already known to fans for being the owner of Aglaia sold in 2014 The owner required a cruising yacht with great autonomy to explore the world in safety, comfort and speed. Clearly these characteristics have defined the guidelines of the development and construction of the project and at the end an adequate balance between safety, comfort and performance have determined an excellent result and immediately the first acknowledgments of this work have arrived, in fact Aquijo was awarded at the World Superyacht Awards 2017 for the best naval architecture.

Aquijo is 85.9 meters long and 14.48 meters wide and is characterized as ketch due to the presence of two 92 meter carbon fiber trees each built by Southern Spares, a company specializing in the construction of trees, arms and rigging, currently the most high in the world.

The architecture and the exterior design bear the signature of the important Bill Tripp founder of Tripp Design Naval Architecture, where he works a team of naval architects and engineers specialized in the design of modern yachts that operate in total harmony with the philosophy of the founder designer that is to create very efficient yachts that combine style and comfort with speed and safety. The luxurious and elegant and comfortable interiors have been designed by Dölker + Voges, and furnished through research into materials that ensure the highest quality standards.

But the real news for this yacht is that two of the biggest names in world shipbuilding for the first time together have worked and worked closely together offering each of them all the experience, knowledge and skills acquired over the years in the construction of yachts to make this truly unique project Who knows if in the future we can repeat a new collaborative commitment of this quality we are talking about the two Dutch shipyards of Vitters Shipyard and Oceanco. In truth this collaboration is also born for specific technical problems. In fact, first of all, the Vitters Shipyard was called upon for the realization of the project because of its worldwide expertise in the construction of high performance sailing yachts, but never having built a large yacht, the largest built it stopped at 60 meters, it was requested the collaboration to another Dutch shipyard Oceanico that boasts more experience in the construction of yachts over 80 meters so this union was born between the two sites for this extraordinary project.


Aquijo has an unsurpassed sailing ability, it is a yacht with exceptional performance even with weak winds with its sail plan of more than 5000 square meters planted, to be safe, reliable and easy to manage and for this new winches have been designed and developed with a range of 40 tons.


A particularity of this yacht is the presence of an innovative wheelhouse system that is able to return the wheel feeling to the helmsman just as if it were on a smaller sailboat and the response of the boat is immediate despite its large size. Another innovation is the presence of a submarine anchorage system located in the lower part of the hull that offers improved performance and aesthetics. The system with a chain and is still in a locker with automatic opening and closing when the closing door is closed, it integrates perfectly with the hull.

Therefore Aquijo is not a motor yacht disguised as a sailing ship, it is a yacht that truly sails sailing unlike many others. The aluminum hull has an aerodynamically optimized superstructure to minimize the boundaries between the internal social spaces and the external areas of the bridge.

The exterior has a clean and minimal style while the interiors have ample spaces cleverly divided and furnished with modern style.

“The interior design is contemporary and elegant, but fresh and natural,” says Robert Voges. “Clear and logical lines, pure materials, simplicity and great attention to detail.” Wood and stainless steel are used freely within Aquijo, playing an important role in reflecting the yacht’s sailing character, a specific request from the owner. “

“Stainless steel is one of the noblest materials,” says Voges. “Use in the right way allows for an exciting interaction between light, reflections and interior design, creating a sophisticated and modern atmosphere.”

On explicit request the owner’s suite was located separately from the other cabins on the upper side aft deck with a rear-facing bedroom offering stunning 270 degree views with a sliding door opening onto a private outdoor deck equipped with a bar, dining room and relaxation area. This particular suite with a large personal area above the main deck required the addition of an extra deck that is not normally located on a sailboat.

It’s a great place to wake up, says the owner of the Aquijo. “Sailboats and a view from the inside do not normally go together, but when you electrically open the big blinds and the curtains and you find yourself surrounded by that sparkling sea you absorb the feeling of sea freedom. Even from the guest cabins, you have a great view of the sea, “he says.

The main living room and the dining room are located on the main deck while on the lower deck there is a hot tub a steam room and sauna with access via a sliding door to a swim platform.

On the lower deck there are also 6 guest cabins, each with its own private bathroom. Following the trend also in some luxury motor yachts, two cabins can be connected to each other to create a large suite with a separate living room and a sleeping area. Obviously there are also crew quarters for up to 18 members. Below deck there is space to park cars, dinghies and more.

Ultimately, AQuijo in addition to being the high performance ketch the largest in the world is also a comfortable luxury sailing yacht nothing to envy to the most modern luxury motor yachts. A surprising team work has allowed us to realize a true marvel of the sea, surely a big credit goes to the owner who managed to build this team and above all to make the two Dutch world-class shipyards work together for this project.

The mission of this boat is to explore the world in safety, comfort and speed, “says the owner. “We will sail for some distant places.” “My dream is to carry it around South America”,. “The people surrounding Cape Horn are a special breed among sailors”.


The Pink Gin VI sailing yacht is the largest carbon fiber sloop in the world

In recent years, the needs of superyacht owners have increased considerably due to the development of technologies applied to boats. Many existing shipyards have had to adapt, while the new ones have already started assuring high standards of technology both for the hulls and for the plant engineering.

But how should a new generation superyacht be today?

It must be a multi-role yacht that behaves at the highest levels both as a luxury cruiser and as a racing yacht with a sea of ​​complex high-tech systems starting from the helm to the anchorage to the alarm systems. Continua a leggere “The Pink Gin VI sailing yacht is the largest carbon fiber sloop in the world”

The My Song sailboat is the passion of a ship owner

What drives an experienced sailor owner who after having developed a working activity with excellent results at some point in his life, decides to sell his established industry to venture into the construction of a large 40 meter long (130 feet) sailing boat to be used for long cruises and for sailing competitions if not the true and authentic passion for the sea and sailing. Continua a leggere “The My Song sailboat is the passion of a ship owner”

The sailboat Oceanis Yacht 62 of Bénéteau changes route.

 With the sailboat Oceanis Yacht 62 the French shipyard of Bénéteau changes route proposing a large sailboat of 62 feet approximately 19 meters with the same comfort both on the interior and the deck offered only by the current luxury motor yachts. To do this, he asked for the collaboration of a well-known Italian motorboat designer to redesign comfort elements that were used only on motorboats until recently. Continua a leggere “The sailboat Oceanis Yacht 62 of Bénéteau changes route.”