Hanse 460 sailing yacht of the year in the “Family Cruiser” category

The brand new Hanse 460 sailboat won the “European Yacht of the Year 2022” award in the highly competitive “Family Cruiser” category. Despite the second year of the pandemic, the jury made up of 12 European nautical journalists, who curate as many specialized magazines in the sector, managed to test all the boats in the water  and despite the strong competitors in the end Hanse 460 won the deserved victory. Continua a leggere “Hanse 460 sailing yacht of the year in the “Family Cruiser” category”

Sailing yacht “A” floating sculpture

Let’s say immediately that “A” is a truly innovative mega yacht, certainly innovative outside the canon of the classic luxury yachts that we are used to seeing with its aesthetic of breaking with the sharp and futuristic lines the English magazine Boat International called it “border push superyacht”. Continua a leggere “Sailing yacht “A” floating sculpture”

Visiting Berlin

Karte_berlin_museumsinsel mappa

Berlin the city with two faces that keeps both the charm of an important and historical cities of the old continent that an interesting and modern European metropolis. Able to meet the needs of young people and adults.
Berlin thanks to its public transport system is very convenient and well organized, which is based on an integrated system of bus, Metro (called U-Bahn), and surface trains (S-Bahn) and boats on rivers and canals, is very easy to move . Thus even with limited time you can visit several attractions. Let’s start with those things that every tourist in the world visiting Berlin saw.
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