Sailing yacht “A” floating sculpture

Let’s say immediately that “A” is a truly innovative mega yacht, certainly innovative outside the canon of the classic luxury yachts that we are used to seeing with its aesthetic of breaking with the sharp and futuristic lines the English magazine Boat International called it “border push superyacht”. Continua a leggere “Sailing yacht “A” floating sculpture”

Yacht a vela “A” la scultura galleggiante


Diciamo subito che “A” è un vero e proprio mega yacht a vela innovativo certamente al di fuori dal canone dei classici yacht di lusso che noi siamo abituati a vedere con la sua estetica di rottura con delle linee nette spinte e futuristiche la rivista inglese Boat International lo ha definito “il superyacht di spinta di confine”.   Continua a leggere “Yacht a vela “A” la scultura galleggiante”

Sailing yacht Esense of Wally the older brother of Tango.

Esense, is a high performance cruising yacht that has definitively decreed the affirmation and validity of the simplified esthetics used by Wally to create innovative, modern, elegant and unmistakable exteriors of its yachts. Continua a leggere “Sailing yacht Esense of Wally the older brother of Tango.”

Yacht a vela Esense di Wally il fratello maggiore di Tango.

Esense, è uno yacht da crociera ad alte prestazioni che ha decretato in maniera definitiva l’affermazione e la validità dell’estetica semplificata utilizzata da Wally per creare innovativi, moderni, eleganti e inconfondibili esterni dei suoi yacht.  Continua a leggere “Yacht a vela Esense di Wally il fratello maggiore di Tango.”

Cigarette Racing 515 Project ONE the beauty of speed

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing once again together for a high-performance project through a synergetic exchange of experience and technology that has lasted 11 years. Their collaboration in true is born, mainly through a common commercial action to share marketing initiatives to satisfy a particular demanding custom passionate about the beauty of speed both on land and on water. These are two different sectors but there is agreement and synergy between the Mercedes-AMG Germans and the Americans of Cigarette Racing. Continua a leggere “Cigarette Racing 515 Project ONE the beauty of speed”