Sailing yacht Esense of Wally the older brother of Tango.

Esense, is a high performance cruising yacht that has definitively decreed the affirmation and validity of the simplified esthetics used by Wally to create innovative, modern, elegant and unmistakable exteriors of its yachts.

In truth, the Wally esthetics was born initially to hide all the maneuvering devices on deck that can be dangerous especially if there are children among the guests that’s why the bridges of Wally boats are free dishes aesthetically beautiful to see.

Over the years, Wally has continued with its innovations, experimenting with new forms and functions, never neglecting the overall aesthetic beauty of the structure of its yachts.

Luca Bassani, creator, founder and president of Wally built Esense tailored to achieve a private dream. The yacht is 43, 70 meters long was launched in 2006 but still today is one of the most exceptional sailing boats that sail our seas.

Unmistakable for its graceful modern and elegant lines a 143-foot sloop that can be managed by a very limited number of crew.

The blanket that, as Luca Bassani says, “is the great novelty of this boat” has a huge space, the teak deck completely satin and free from everything there are no wells, no accessories and not even a sight-mounted chute for the helms an immense flush deck.

In place of the side rail, the deck is surrounded by a particular 60-80 cm high battened area, like the large sailing ships of yesteryear and inside it runs all the maneuvers of the yacht. In view on deck we find only the twin steering wheels on the rear deck with a dashboard in the middle, where all the navigation control displays are embedded and closed and 4 robust winches under the mast.

Even if the Esense bridge re-introduces the bulwarks of the old sailing ships, the technology is that Wally’s advance with the ever present self-tacking jib and the Magic Trim automated system that manages all the navigation maneuvers.

On the deck almost at the center of the boat between the skylight and the tree outside the maneuvering area a teak protected table is installed for 12 people with a wrapping sofa to enjoy life on board the open area and to socialize with guests , covered with two concealed bimini which, if necessary, provide the necessary shading.

The hull was made entirely of carbon so the tree and this is nothing new considering that Wally is known for being one of the first to adopt carbon fiber as a material for yachts.

We remember Wallygator which in 1991 was the first cruise yacht in the world to have a carbon mast. “Seventeen tons of carbon for the hull alone, we are the biggest carbon consumers in Italy …” Bassani commented during the construction of the boat.

Among the main features of this yacht is certainly the presence of a terrace overlooking the sea at the stern with access through two side stairs that lead from the main deck on this huge platform below teak of 21 square meters that in addition to being very nice to to see is functional in fact it is used to facilitate the boarding of guests in the moorings or as a large sunbathing area as well as being the access to the main hall with its beautiful window.

The downstairs descent is via a staircase that is accessed by an inn located at the stern of the mast while the second entrance is from the stern terrace through the main hall.

Wally conceived and developed the project, while for the water lines he asked for the collaboration of the famous designer Bill Tripp, founder of Tripp design naval, where engineers and architects specialize in the design of yachts with exceptional performances. “My boats have to fly on water, do not sink!”, Is the basic principle of Bill Tripp.

The performance of Esense is exceptional, with a weak wind of about 8 knots, manages to reach 11 knots. The 57-meter carbon mast is equipped with a 17-meter boom. The sailing surface of the most stabled mainsail is 900 square meters. . The retractable keel of 48 tons allows you to adjust the draft from 6 to 4 meters.

“It was a real pleasure to create something unique” commented Bill Trip after the works “we believe that Esense is an extraordinary yacht from all points of view”

The interior design instead is the work of a famous French architect Odile Decq, who also designed the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome (MACRO), this project was his first experience in the construction of yachts.

Upon specific request of the owner apart from the kitchen amidships and the owner’s suite in the bow of the mast consists of a cabin with double bed with bathroom with tub with adjoining music room and the area reserved for accommodation for 6 crew members , which is located immediately after the owner’s suite, all the interiors are modular, so that guests’ bedrooms cabins can be transformed and become part of the living area of ​​the stern and vice versa, thanks to the versatility and compatibility of the environments designed by Odile Decq with a style of the early ’70s, a trend that is also developing in the latest luxury motor yachts.


The areas can be joined or separated by means of bulkheads or sliding doors creating environments as you want, living life on board, also depending on the guests present at that time. With this flexibility in the salon you can create up to two guest cabins and another in the middle of the boat. In total, aboard Esense there is space to accommodate six guests in three cabins each with its own bathroom over the couple of owners in their suite.

Below deck the natural light arrives through the windows located along the perimeter of the bridge: “I wanted that below the light came oblique,” says Odile Decq, who designed the rooms by modulating spaces and light starting from the large aft salon with the window that gives on the terrace.

The lighting system was designed in such a way that at night the direct and reflected light highlight the shapes of the hull with a truly spectacular result.

The propulsion of the yacht is always guaranteed for the presence in the engine room of a 550 hp Caterpillar engine that ensures a cruising speed of 12 knots and a maximum of 14 with a huge autonomy that can cross the Atlantic.

This boat that for some opinion of the sector would represent one of the most successful sailing boats of all time a real work of art on the sea, among other things, manageable by a few nice crew units inside and out, chosen to turn entirely the Last Summer film by Leonardo Guerranse, surely represents a reference boat for designers and shipyards of the sector also of the same brand Wally.

Bassani himself asserts that the Tango sailing yacht, the fourth in the Wally 100 series launched in 2017, was awarded with the Honorable Mention at the Compasso d’Oro ADI Award 2018 was born from the idea developed on Esense a flush deck boat with a classic curved boat and history of a time with the smooth blanket that taught us to understand what is the beauty of a boat. Clearly, beauty or design is not enough to first take care of functionality, safety, comfort and maneuverability. About this, Luca Bassani Antivari comments:

We will always keep our soul as a company that always brings something new and functional to the market. We never consider adventure, the experience of finished design.

Main technical characteristics

Length ft: m 43.70
Floating length: 38.10 m
Maximum beam: 8.57 m
Draft: from 4.00 am to 6.00 am
Displacement: t 140
Places to sleep: 2 owners, 6 guests, 6 crew
Diesel: l 14,000
Water: 6000
Design: Wally
Naval Architect: Tripp Design Naval

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