Yacht Tango receives the Honorable Mention at the 2018 Compasso d’Oro Award

Tango, the fourth sailing superyacht of the Wallycento series, was awarded the Honorable Mention to the ADI 2018 Compasso d’Oro Award.

Over 1,200 products have been nominated for the preselection of the prize in the two-year period 2016-2017, 283 products submitted to the international jury.

Of these, 16 received the Compasso d’Oro award and 56 others received an honorable mention from the international jury. Finally, 11 Compasso d’Oro career awards were awarded, as well as 3 prizes and 10 Targa Giova certificates of merit, the latter being awarded to projects carried out in Italian design university schools by young people at the beginning of their career.

The awards, assigned by the ADI (Industrial Design Association) to both designers and producers, represent since 1954, the year of establishment of the award, the highest recognition for Italian design.

In the Italian design term all the forms of industrial design invented and realized in Italy are included, including interior design, urban design, fashion design and architectural design.

The Award Ceremony was held in Milan on June 20th this year at the Cortile della Rocchetta, inside the Castello Sforzesco, where Tango together with other products that took part in the prize giving ceremony were the protagonists of an exhibition open to the public from 21 to 26 June.

The Compasso d’Oro Award is awarded after a laborious pre-selection activity carried out by the Permanent Design Observatory, which includes critics, historians, designers and journalists who are specialized members of the ADI or external to it, all engaged with continuity in the collection, year after year, information and in evaluating and selecting the best products which are then published in the ADI Design Index yearbooks.

Every 2 years, an international jury selects among the objects reported in the biennial yearbooks preceding those to which the Compasso d’Oro award is awarded.

The almost three hundred projects awarded in over sixty years of the award’s life, together with almost two thousand selected with the Honorable Mention, are collected and kept in the Historical Collection of the Compasso d’Oro ADI Award, whose management has been entrusted to the ADI Foundation, established specifically by ADI in 2001, in collaboration with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and with the Regional Superintendency. The design of Tango will thus enrich this collection alongside the other products awarded during the 64 years of the Compasso d’Oro Award.

About this, Luca Bassani, founder and President of Wally, says:

Tango is exactly the boat we wanted to achieve when we started to develop the project: extremely clean lines and an aggressive look, reflecting the high performance of its DNA “, then continues, ” The Honorable Mention validates the design path that generated this superyacht and at the same time ratifies the identifying styles of our brand, thanks to which Wally has become a reference for nautical design and not only “.

Marcello Persico, CEO of the Persico Marine shipyard adds:

“We are very satisfied with this cruise superyacht: Tango weighs only 47.5 tons thanks to the optimization of the entire boat from the beginning of the project. Specifically, we worked hard to lighten every element of the boat. Not only working on the main composite structures but also on the interiors, also using carbon fiber and coated Nomex sandwich panels for these, and developing ultralight solutions to realize, for example, hinges and veneers “.

Paolo Pininfarina, President of the Pininfarina Group ends:

“The awarding of such a prestigious award is a source of immense pride and certifies the quality of the work of a real team of excellence in the nautical sector” “The aim was to once again be innovators, going to combine aesthetics and function, enhancing both aspects. Every detail is the result of an obsessive search, the result is a true Fuoriserie del mare, elegant and ultra performing, which will define a new benchmark in this sector “.

It is the fourth time that Wally is included in the list of winners of ADI Compasso d’Oro, won in 2004 with Tiketitoo and in 2008 with Ryokan 2, while Black Sails in 2011 and Tango this year received the honorable mention . A truly exceptional result.

Yacht a vela Tango riceve la Menzione d’Onore al Premio Compasso d’Oro 2018

 Tango il   quarto superyacht a vela  della serie   Wallycento   gli è stato conferito la Menzione d’Onore   al   Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI 2018. Continua a leggere “Yacht a vela Tango riceve la Menzione d’Onore al Premio Compasso d’Oro 2018”

Yacht Wallycento Tango continuous innovation

Wally is the brand created by its creator Luca Bassani who has developed a series of innovations in sailing yachts and very popular engines in the yachting world.

 The name originates from its first creation the sailboat Wallygator designed then together with a young Italian architect Luca Brenta for his father in 1991. This boat according to what was asserted by Bassani himself represents the mother of all the Wally. An 83-footer made of wood and carbon, the first in the world on a cruising boat, of any size, to have a carbon mast.

From there the Wally experience is born with the creation of modern boats that are clean and fresh, fast and easy to drive. Whoever approaches the boats Wally wants a very fast boat to have fun competing in sailing competitions and at the same time making comfortable cruises. Tango is a sailing yacht of the Wally brand that has these characteristics. Launched in the summer of 2017, it is a 30-meter boat, where there are many innovations with a lot of hardware on deck that helps with the boat. It was built at the important Italian shipyard Persico Marine that stands out for its advanced technology, applied to the construction of the hulls chosen as a builder for the Volvo Ocean Race, a sailing race around the world thanks to the experience gained having worked a lot for the oldest and most important sailing competition in the world, the America’s Cup. The project is by the Mills Design studio while the interior layout is signed by Pininfarina.

Luca Bassani in a recent interview with the journalist Antonio Vettese of The Boat Show a well-known channel dedicated to those who love boating, both sailing and motor present on You Tube describes the characteristics of this boat:

” Tango as a fourth Wallycento wants to be the evolution of everyone else. The design was born a bit from our idea that we had already developed on Esense 143 feet then on a 130 feet that is on a flush deck boat with the classic type boats thronged by tradition. However it remains the spirit of a very fast boat that can make beautiful cruises. The blanket is very similar to those boats we say, historically speaking, once so smooth and free, something very special is a sign of real boating. It resembles the great classic boats because it is a bit ‘this the goal at the bottom are the boats that have taught us to understand what is the beauty of a boat. Moreover, it is also very convenient because you can move the sails in the race and the crew maneuvers very easily on a free bridge. While on the cruise you then put yourself where you want to take a large table of chairs under the awning in the bow aft in the center and you put, wherever you want and you do not have to stay instead in that small and typical cockpit that the draftsman has drawn you once For all life”.

 In this interview, the concept that characterizes the Wally boats, ie the cockpit substituted by two or three zones, has been reiterated so that the guests and the owner can choose to share an area together, or at certain times of the day to spontaneously separate and occupy different areas to enjoy a little privacy while continuing to live life on board, always in the open area, enjoying the wonders of the sea.
Inevitably then the interview with Luca Bassani, creator, founder and president of Wally expands on an initial balance in all these years of activity and on what has given the Wally brand to the yards that produce  boats of large series in general. Below are just some steps that are considered the most indicative.

Luca Bassani “I would say that there is a very positive balance because all our customers have remained, very happy with our boats we have customers who have rebuilt two three up to four times the boats with us in different sizes. Then I would say that the whole world has appreciated the first few years a bit ‘difficult but it is always like that when the whole world is innovated, has appreciated what we did I believe that all the shipbuilding has taken a lot of massage Wally and I dare to say that they have also copied a lot for which the deck plans have been changed for example, they are much more comfortable for cruises that are normally done when once the boats were studied only for the famous perfect storm that then maybe one did not even take in his life. We talk about the boats of Stevens no that were studied, to be safe in case of storms, but on the cruise was done much more than going to take the storm. The exterior deck layout and interior layouts have changed a great deal the boats have become really more comfortable and faster at the same time. Many times you exaggerate you want to change just to draw a different sign. Pulling a different sign is not necessary, I have always said that first of all you have to start from the best functionality, comfort, better performance, better maneuverability and then design is a consequence of these new functions. But do not start from design. These are not paintings are working objects that have to work. “

Surely Tango incorporates these peculiarities represents a high performance yacht built with the most advanced technologies of the moment and being a Wally has an elegant yet functional minimalist style.

Yacht Wallycento Tango l’innovazione continua.

Wally è il marchio creato dal suo ideatore Luca Bassani che ha sviluppato una serie d’innovazioni nelle barche a vela e motori molto apprezzate  nel mondo dello yachting. Il nome ha origine dalla sua prima creazione la barca a vela Wallygator disegnata allora insieme con un giovane architetto italiano Luca Brenta per suo padre nel 1991.  Questa imbarcazione secondo quanto asserito dallo stesso Bassani rappresenta la mamma di tutti i Wally. Un  83 piedi costruito in legno e carbonio il primo al mondo su una barca da crociera, di qualsiasi dimensioni ad avere un albero in carbonio. Continua a leggere “Yacht Wallycento Tango l’innovazione continua.”

Tango the fourth in the Wallycento series

Tango is the name of the last sailing yacht of the Wallycento series, famous for its performance, precisely it is the fourth in the series that now runs through our sea. On September 26th, at the Monaco Yacht Club, it was presented at the beginning of August of the same year at Persico Marine shipyards, in the western Ligurian Riviera, and delivered to its owner who is an expert yachtman.From the first and the longest waiting at sea tests Luca Bassani founder and chairman Wally says: “I sailed with Tango with a wind at six, seven knots and proved to be lively and responsive even with weak wind” The feel of the helm is that of a much smaller, very balanced and fast boat. Excellent visibility from driving position. The maneuver is easy thanks to the style of the new smooth bridge. The deck hardware is powerful and fast: just 6 seconds to lift the bow! What else? It’s a real Wally! ” Continua a leggere “Tango the fourth in the Wallycento series”