Sleep to stay healthy

Put your brain at rest, with meditation, suspend its activities:
weigh, analyze, decide, evaluate, remember, establish, organize, combine and every thing that crosses your mind impedentoti to sleep. The fact meditation is a technique that allows us to relax the mind and relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety , insomnia and improve the quality of our lives.
And if you think you do not know do not worry meditate, meditation as everything can be learned Turn off the television, sdraiaditi in your bed under the blanket arms at your sides, legs slightly apart, close your eyes very slowly act naturally calm and awareness. Now to give your brain a chance to take a break, brings attention to the breath.
Try to breathe in more deeply and slowly as possible.
If a thought comes let him go and return your attention on the breath. Slowly you feel a sense of deep relaxation both mentally and physically.
Then do this exercise either before going to sleep during the day.
To learn relaxation techniques based on breathing click on the link below.

Pleasant relaxation

Sweet dreams

You’re comfortable and relaxed very well still with eyes closed in the few minutes that follow. If you are here because you can not sleep, you do not worry this is not a problem because we will solve it. It is not true that the night is long and you can not sleep you just have to find the right frame of mind and then you will appreciate the pillow, the sheets and the night breeze that you freddolisce feet. Enjoy this quiet relaxed. Are you already asleep and not even know it. The night is your old friend now, no fear, no fear, no frustration we are all creatures of the night and you’re not the exception. I prepare to wish you sweet dreams and I encourage you to follow this audio track with the help of earphones, if you’re not already asleep, do not be impatient good night.



The lives we lead in a hurry with constant competition between us certainly makes us accumulate stress, anxiety and above all does not make us sleep at night. In fact, especially when you become adults sleep at night it is really a big problem because we can not break away quickly from anything that’s happened during the day. Therefore hear a voice whispered along with the sweet sounds that I massage the brain, definitely, help me to relax and then hoping for the arrival of sleep. To this I am already a couple of years that I relax through movies ASMR with the help of ‘headset. Without exaggerating if I realize that after listening to the sound of some movies, I can not take still sleep I get up and try to use other methods herbal tea, camomile and other. I think to do something pleasant attaching to this article some links to some videos that help me get to sleep at night. I realize that does not work for everyone, but I hope so for molti.Colgo this opportunity to thank all those who make these movies.