Sleep with my magic puff


Hello Today I want you to completely relax  con my magic puff that gently touches your face caressing it and making you feel a pleasant sensation, which will take you into dreamland. My magic puff caresses your eyes, face, ears, now you have to be comfortable, not to think about anything, think about take your well-deserved rest, relaxation, why I’m here to make you feel better. Think of my magic puff and sensation of coolness, relaxation, see how you’re relaxing, the breath comes over the eyes, ears, now is the time to think only of yourself, you need not worry about anything, there is nothing here I, with my magic puff. Continua a leggere “Sleep with my magic puff”

Sweet dreams

You’re comfortable and relaxed very well still with eyes closed in the few minutes that follow. If you are here because you can not sleep, you do not worry this is not a problem because we will solve it. It is not true that the night is long and you can not sleep you just have to find the right frame of mind and then you will appreciate the pillow, the sheets and the night breeze that you freddolisce feet. Enjoy this quiet relaxed. Are you already asleep and not even know it. The night is your old friend now, no fear, no fear, no frustration we are all creatures of the night and you’re not the exception. I prepare to wish you sweet dreams and I encourage you to follow this audio track with the help of earphones, if you’re not already asleep, do not be impatient good night.