Sleep with my magic puff


Hello Today I want you to completely relax  con my magic puff that gently touches your face caressing it and making you feel a pleasant sensation, which will take you into dreamland. My magic puff caresses your eyes, face, ears, now you have to be comfortable, not to think about anything, think about take your well-deserved rest, relaxation, why I’m here to make you feel better. Think of my magic puff and sensation of coolness, relaxation, see how you’re relaxing, the breath comes over the eyes, ears, now is the time to think only of yourself, you need not worry about anything, there is nothing here I, with my magic puff.


soffio2 This breath will allow you to relax perfectly, let yourself go with the magic of my puff, that great feeling of coolness, of thrill, of caress cuddle, he had nothing to think about, just think to get better, because there are here I think that to you, you feel that feeling of breeze, it’s a pleasant breeze. I see what you like, I see what you’re relaxed, good so let go, the magic of my puff. And you will not have anything to think about, and you will not have nothing to worry about, I’m here to make you feel better. Because with the magic of my breath I want to cleanse the thoughts, I want to cleanse the mind and sweep away any negative thought, I’ll take care, you should not worry. BackgroundMilo10241

At one point I will blow up all the two eyes and you fall asleep and relaxed sleep without any thought, without any worry, only you with my magic puff. This my puff is magic because it allows you to wipe out your negative thoughts, your concerns, your problems, you do not even think, because I’m here that I take care of you. You need not worry, because I’m here, let yourself go, you deserve it, you deserve to let you go, to feel good and enjoy this moment, this is a moment just for you, it’s a sweet moment of pampering makes you feel good, that allows you to think only beautiful and relaxing things.

Now my magic puff you will skim the eyelashes, eyelids, eyes, ears, I am always here to cleanse the mind, which could tarnish the good things. I’m here because you you deserve it and thick once you do not grant it, I’m here for you, and I want this moment to be everything for you, with my magic puff. I now will blow over your ears and you will feel a pleasant sensation of thrills, let yourself go, I’m here for you to worry about your concerns, I’m here for, I’m here for you. My magic puff will make you forget all the problems will take care to fade away all the negative thoughts, your problems, leaving only positive thoughts and you will be so relaxed, let me take care of you, let my magic breath take care of you, I am here in place and are here to make you feel good.

soffio5 The breeze blowing on the eyes you like it so much that it makes you feel better and relaxes you and makes you feel so special because you are special and you deserve all this, you deserve the good, you deserve to feel you well and you deserve this much more. You do not worry because I’m here to make sure you’re well to make sure that your mind is clear and ready to sleep, make sure it has the slight mind, relax, relax, let go.

Meanwhile, I’m here to remind you what you’re worth, because you are someone special and you deserve all this you, think to yourself, think about the things that make you happy, think of my magic puff that caresses your face and makes you feel well, and it gets you away the bad thoughts and replaces them with lots and lots of love with many, many hugs and a wonderful feeling and it’s all for you.

Now I’m here, imagine something beautiful, something relaxing, something that gives you a pleasant feeling, my magic breath will help you feel better, because it is magical and it’s done for you, made to feel better, because you will deserve to be well and someone has to take care of yourself, of your beautiful face of your features, your mind, your brain, because you deserve it, you’ll Institute deserve this, not thinking about anything I’m here. Manara Soon you will blow on both eyes and you fall asleep, you will be a pleasant sleep and do some wonderful dreams and tomorrow you will be rested, nothing to think I’m here with my magic puff that caresses your face and makes you feel good. My magic puff that makes you feel the chills and transports you into the world of dreams, sleep, sleep, my magical air makes you sleep now, sleep, sleep, you deserve the rest, sleep, traveling in a dream world, left, go to dreamland, sleep, do not worry I’ll take care of you rest, peaceful sleep I’m here to watch over your deep sleep you sleep, now sleep, sleep, sleep.


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