Begin to find a comfortable position, lying on the bed or soft sofa, aligns your arms parallel to the body with the legs slightly spread. Now that you’re lying comfortably he begins to focus on the breath. Without exaggeration make a series of four or five breaths simply slowing down the pace of your breathing. Inspire slowly and exhale even more slowly. When you inspire your air enters from the nose to descend slowly into the throat to fill the lungs. When you exhale, feel the air go back slowly from the chest to the throat out of the mouth.


Good as well. Now slowly and gradually your body and your mind will begin to relax. If it emerges some thought harassing the day, you do not criticize him and let him go. No thought should disturb this moment, now you have to find a sense of peace and tranquility, to begin our pleasant journey to wellness.

Good close your eyes, and begin to concentrate on my hands, which very gently begin to massage your face. Focus your attention on the pleasant feeling of my fingertips that touch the skin from the forehead and slowly glide up to the neck gently caressing your face causing you a delicious tickle leaving a pleasant and light heat trail. Now my fingertips with circular movements will massage the neck, from the forehead to the neck, and while sliding backwards, the palms of your hands gently caress the ears of creating you pleasant feelings. Now I lull your head in my hands. Now that you feel so pampered so relaxed you may never want to leave this your state of well-being, this your oasis of peace and tranquility. Now with light pressure I caress you all the air around the eyes and eyelids gently and always will graze with my fingertips all the nerve endings of the face up to the lobe of the ear causing you the shivers of pleasure.

Now we finish the treatment thinking about stroking the neck of the end of the hair up the spine coming up under the shoulders. Now feel your neck tensions melt slowly, like snow in the sun, see how you are lighter, you feel like your shoulders are loose now. Now that vanished after a day of work and stress all physical tensions also your mind will benefit.

And now you abandon in a quiet and restful sleep and you wake up tomorrow ready to face a day full of grit and energy that only a deep sleep can give you. Now mentally count from 20 to 1, and when you get one you fall asleep.20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3 -2-1 now sleep, rest, you deserve this rest after a stressful and tiring day, you sleep indulged in a dream world, I’m here, quiet, you just need to sleep, you are now free to all, you can sleep, good night, good rest, sleep well.