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Lie down and make yourself comfortable now it’s your time, and I want you to fully relax, fall asleep like last time. It ‘s been already a bit’ of time since the last time that you’re coming to get you a little ‘caresses is not true.


How are you, I see you under particular stress, what happens, tell me, tell me everything, while I caress your nose, eyes, ears. You keep talking, you can tell me anything you want I’m always here to listen to you, as I continue to caress you.


Now that you’ve finished telling you delete from your mind all the negative thoughts. Now you have to stop your mind your thoughts. Do not think about anything, just think about yourself, let yourself go, relax, I’m here I think of you, clear your mind of all worries, there is nothing to worry about at the moment, I’m here for you, I’ll take care of your concerns me, I take them one by one put them in a balloon in the sky and so far behind us.

Tomorrow when you wake up from a deep sleep we think, now you no longer have much to think about, now there is nothing more important than your health.


Let go. I’m here to make you feel good, to make you feel better, to take care of you, because I care about you, I’m glad to know that there is some advantage that I can take care, to someone who I respect, and I do not want anything in return, your friendship, your presence.

Brava so close your eyes, made gently caress it, let go completely. I’m here because I care about you and are always available for you at all times, I always have time to make a caress, because I’m glad to take care of you, I always have time for you, relaxes me the thought that I’m taking care of a special person, because you are a special person and meanwhile I am here to remember that. You just have to find the strength that is within you, that lately it seems that you have a little ‘abandoned, but it exists and it is within you.


Relax, let go to me relaxes make you relax. Now I blow lightly and gently in the ear See how you relaxed. Enjoy this moment of well-being tranquility peace. Meanwhile, it continues to caress the front of the neck very gently to make you relax for you to sleep.

Do not worry, now thinks only get better, just think to yourself, relax, let go, you deserve all this, you have earned this rest, you deserve to rest and accept the caresses. If meanwhile we came sleep, you sleep well, you deserve to rest, because you deserve this and much more, you deserve a pat, a hug, attention, you deserve to relax after all the stress accumulated during the day during the week. 183-2-big-1-face

Let go. Now I caress between the forehead and nose, because I know that you like, as well as when I caress from the eyes to the ears. Do not worry, think of sleep, think feel good, think to my touch, think about the good things.

Do not think about work, not to think about what you have to do tomorrow, enjoy the moment, enjoy the moment. I see that you now have an expression very relaxed, good let go as well. Now I caress the ears up to the lobes are sure that you like, so when I caress between chin and neck. Well let go, if you want to sleep well close your eyes. I am happy to make you come all this sleep. Massage Do not worry you can sleep at any time you feel like you have. If you sleep is welcome come now. Do not worry I am pleased to pamper you while you sleep. I’m sure you’ll make some wonderful dreams, maybe you’ll dream something beautiful of your childhood, or something of your vacation, or do a completely new and relaxing dream. Pleasant something anyway Something that will make you happy when you wake up and you’ll feel totally rested. You will be able to come to me whenever you want because I’ll always be there for you and you can enjoy your love always by me because I respect you and care about you, and I’m glad you’re here and that can do you any good in you to sleep and be pampered. All I can do for you to make you feel good, to make you feel better to me like. download (1)

At this point I would be glad you were already initiated in the world of dreams and you can also sleep with me. Do not hold back, think about pleasant things, think of me I’m coccolandoti. When you can completely let go to let you relax and sleep is, as it happens in children. Go to sleep, go to sleep, let yourself go, you close your eyes and legacies go, sleep, abandoned softly and sweetly in a dream world. I will always be here to watch over your sleep, because I care about you, now quiet, sleep well, I’m here, sleep Sweet dreams, good night, good rest, sleep well.