The vitamins that affect the skin


When we feel out of energy a bit ‘down and we feel that our body is stressed out for the hectic and busy lives we lead without consulting your doctor run to the pharmacy to buy vitamins without even knowing what in particular we need. In the past, vitamins were prescribed to correct a lack only integrative purpose, however, are now used to exploit their healing ability is why it is important to know for each vitamin its precise function.
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Le vitamine che influenzano la pelle

Quando ci sentiamo senza energia un po’ giù e avvertiamo che il nostro fisico è stressato per la vita frenetica e faticosa che conduciamo anche senza consultare il medico corriamo in farmacia per comprare vitamine senza neppure conoscere di quale in particolare abbiamo bisogno. Nel passato le vitamine erano prescritte per correggere un’eventuale mancanza solo a scopo integrativo, oggi invece sono utilizzate per sfruttarne la loro capacità curativa ecco perché è importante sapere per ogni vitamina la sua precisa funzione.
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Beauty and relaxation

Beauty and relaxation at first glance would seem two words apparently very far from each other but they are cause and effect of a state of mind. Inevitably when we have the opportunity during the routine day, to observe a beautiful landscape, a beautiful picture, an important statue, a welcoming environment and harness decorated or simply a smile of a person, in short, something that we feel beautiful, our minds as if by magic gets rid of all the thoughts, just focusing on what the eyes admire.La beauty dominates everything, positive energy enters us and emotions find rest and feel a mild euphoria.
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