Beauty and relaxation

Beauty and relaxation at first glance would seem two words apparently very far from each other but they are cause and effect of a state of mind. Inevitably when we have the opportunity during the routine day, to observe a beautiful landscape, a beautiful picture, an important statue, a welcoming environment and harness decorated or simply a smile of a person, in short, something that we feel beautiful, our minds as if by magic gets rid of all the thoughts, just focusing on what the eyes admire.La beauty dominates everything, positive energy enters us and emotions find rest and feel a mild euphoria.


The beauty magically distracts us from everyone and everything resetting bad thoughts, has the great ability to surprise us and leave us in the mouth aperta.Non we can not take my eyes from what we are seeing and emanates almost supernatural energy that makes us more calm and relaxes the mind, the soul and the body.

It is an objective or subjective beauty is not important enough that we create that amazing sense of wonder that fills our eyes and makes us think no more of anything, and we almost dazed under hypnosis appreciate every detail and look at every little detail.


It ‘s true the saying is not nice what is beautiful but it’s nice what they like, but right now we are considering only the case in which the beauty involves us making us forget everything, therefore we do not care to make a distinction between objective and subjective beauty also because it is difficult to make a real difference.


The objective beauty should be a beauty recognized by all, but hardly all find pretty the same thing or person but in our situation because it does not matter as long as it succeeds in producing surprise that trouble such as to clear our thoughts.

Inevitably then he relives a sweet emotion of the thing pretty detected at that time recalls.

Once this addictive thrill, however, we have given a stop to our frenetic activity and pervades us a feeling of complete brightening the day can start again, but in the meantime we feel purified us


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