The gentle massage, light and superficial



When we resort to manual massage for the treatment of cellulite especially in advanced stage violent massage should never be used as initial therapy.


One must also practice for a long time a light massage and superficial, along with all other therapeutic treatments that the case suggests.

The manual massage can be of great utility both in the forms of cellulite and localized both in the generalized cellulite therapy for the obese subjects.

And ‘it indicated only on condition that it is carried out superficially and gently, in the early sessions, when the cellulite infiltration is particularly deep and advanced.

At this stage it is sufficient to touch him, or a light rubbing so you slide your palm on the affected by cellulite and proceed gently with fingertips. The movement is always towards the heart to the legs. The other type of massage is to use the clutch, which provides a surface movement by which the pads exert a certain pressure on the skin so as to slide on the skin underlying tissues but ever so slight, sweet and prolonged instead of a massage sharp, hard and short.

Always testing the responsiveness of the subject, the massage can slowly increase in intensity and depth. The manual massage is unquestionably useful if implemented in accordance with appropriate technical and if added to a number of other therapeutic treatments that serve to eliminate the root cause of local events, and becomes useless harmful and illusory if practiced as monotherapy.

However due to the effect toning, and firming, helps the action of slimming simultaneously preventing the formation of wrinkles and blemishes due to the drop in weight.

There is also the possibility of using equipment for the instrumental massage but is less desirable than the manual one, because the tool is blind to the man and the machine will never replace the hands of an expert masseur.

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