The therapeutic nature of the hands

Massages are performed with different techniques in the effects and the executions but using anyway and usually the therapeutic nature of the hands of those who run them that with his spurs energy and boosts the body in its ability to regenerate.


Hands that glide over the skin with gentle stretching and relaxing the muscles gradually prepare to receive further deeper pressure and decided. With harmonious floating hot actions, enveloping create feelings of well being that involve the body and mind.

When the hands develop a physiotherapy type movement, provides for the full stretch of the spine, muscles loosen pain, back muscle is toned posture improves.

When movements follow a slow and delicate pattern that emerges here is the lightness, moderation then hands draw infinite circles while a veil of hot oils envelops the body, blood and lymph circulation, is reactivated, the body is purified from liquid drained excess purified of toxins.

It restores the elasticity of the tissues and improves cellular metabolism. Inevitable is the full and deep relaxation of the body that carries the dream atmosphere, the emotion free from stress and also the mind is cleared while the body sinks into deep state of neglect that releases an immediate aesthetic result, the facial features are stretch the skin becomes bright and emerges in this was wonderful inner beauty that is in each of us.

Circular motion starting from the toes going up gradually legs free us of the hard work and new and harmonious energy flows while the modeling effect dissolves the excess fats. The mood, gets up again and the body and mint relax even more deeply reaching an oasis of physical and mental well-being tranquility that you never want to end.


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