Relaxation techniques alongside traditional massages are important because they allow you to retrieve an ideal state of physical, mental and even physical appearance have a positive effect because, help fight stress, the number one enemy of beauty.


A woman stressed out because of a lower blood supply to the skin inevitably grows old before, the face loses brightness appear eye bags and intensified wrinkles and crow’s feet, while the hair turn gray early and in cases more severe when stress reaches maximum levels difficult to bear can also drop.

Certainly beauty care continues at the table avoiding the sins of gluttony and through a little sedentary life, but we must not neglect absolutely download stress accumulated during the day, during the week.

Warding off the stresso to maintain its beauty is as important to complete a physical activity and a healthy diet based on fruits and vegetables and foods rich in Omega 3. Take care of your beauty means nothing more than to assimilate the good ones habits to slow the signs of aging is a process that slows through a healthy diet, sports, and relaxation techniques.

Biological aging does not always correspond to their age, some people accumulating rapidly aging up to three years of biological age in a single calendar year, and others with good habits and taking care of himself, over the years continue to have a younger age registry.

The first signs of aging are detected, therefore, already at 26 we have to do just relaxation techniques early to calm emotions and remove stress and anxiety by releasing all disturbing thoughts that crowd the mind and do not distinguish the basics to things less important.

Slowly with love and passion we need to take care of us to achieve our goal which is to slow down the signs of aging, but mainly healthy aging.

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