Hello I am always here for you, to help you clear your mind and to guide you into a state of relaxation, to make you feel better, to raise you from that state of physical and emotional load that the hectic pace of everyday life, t ‘ impose, with all the worries, all the thoughts and all commitments.


Because you deserve to relax. All we need to relax every now and then, even if the life that we perform every day there’s grants it naturally, we do not mean that we do not deserve to relax, not for this do not deserve to relax and I am here for this to help you clear your mind to help you free your spirit.
Because I know how it goes off, I know you always end up thinking of others and never to ourselves, always it ends well and I am here to help you think only of yourself / or I’m here to make you feel better. Now there is no need to think, to reason, to think, to plan. th3GKD319G
Now you have nothing to apologize for, nothing to defend, nothing to prove. You have to think only about yourself all the rest I’ll take for you and all is well and all will be well.
Let yourself go get in a convenient location that makes you feel comfortable and make sure that no one can come and disturb, and feel me close to you, like I’m right next to you. Do not think about anything, now no thought is more important than your health, this time just for yourself, everything else can wait for now you have to think only about relax. BEN4
I’ll let go of everything, I’m here to take care of you, let go not to think about anything, just think to relax, if you hear something to do not have to worry now you just think about yourself, you have to think just relax.
Now close your eyes and focus only on your breathing. He inspires deeply and slowly through your nose and just breathe deeply and only slowly with bocca.Piano plan without going overboard.

BEN6 He inhales and exhales all you can. When you inhale, you go into your lungs with fresh air, clean full of positive energy, and when you exhale chasing away all the negative thoughts, the toxins, the darker emotions that you have inside you. ben1
I’ll let go of you, I’ll take care of you, I’m here to make you feel good, to make you feel better. Brava as well. Keep breathing like this for a cycle of five or six breaths. See how you rilassata.Ora you walked into a natural well-being and your mind is free of all thought, while your body is plunged into a state of complete relaxation.

Now enjoy this moment, this is your moment. Now you are free from all the worries you’re free from all the stress accumulated during all this time that you are not granted you some time to yourself, enjoy this state of relaxation tranquility peace. offers-wellness holiday-rimini
You do not worry I’m always here with you. Now abandoned in an even deeper state of relaxation, at the moment nothing is more important than your health. I’m always here for you, and whenever you feel like me are always ready to help you achieve this state of relaxation that I am pleased to take care of you forever. BEN2

Now that your body is completely relaxed, fresh and regenerated, while your mind is free from all worries enjoy this wonderful feeling, enjoy this state of being. No need of a vacation does not need to absolutely nothing, to feel good, if not your desire to relax and let yourself go in a safe corner of your home away from everything and everyone. It wants the money it special efforts you just abandon you because heaven is here in your corner. Wrap yourself in this deep relaxation enjoy this moment by moment now, and I’m always here for you, come back when you want, I always have time for you, I will always be available for you, to help you to find this wonderful feeling that you are experiencing now whenever you want, because I care about you, and I do not want anything in return at all, your friendship, your presence you exist and I’m glad.

Now you have two options or mentally count up to 10 and gradually gently  stretching regenerated back to the outer world. Or if the conditions are right you can end the day and plunge gently and softly in a deep sleep riposatissimo. Do not worry I’m always here to pamper them in their sleep, ready to take care of you. thVB6T6PNT

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