Hunting for Morfeo


For starters created a peaceful place to be comfortable safe where you can close his eyes without worries. Turn off your phone and lowers the lights and try to isolate you from outside noise as possible. Make sure that nothing can disturb you, take this time for yourself, made this gift. Now lie down comfortably on the bed or on the couch, as you prefer and find a comfortable position. Do not cross your legs and arms every part of the body must be free to relax.



Now close your eyes and take a deep breath. Inspired slowly and exhale even more slowly; He inspires again and slowly exhale in no hurry. Your breathing should be smooth and slow everything must take place with the right times. Do not force yourself to excessively slow breathing. Let your body to guide you, let the feelings you’re going to try to take control over you. And as you breathe try to focus your attention on all your anxieties, and with the breath thrown out of your mind and your body, all the worries those who bring you this anxiety too.


And when inspire again try to collect all the beautiful and positive c he now life can you offer and when you exhale chasing away all the negative thoughts and feelings and the saddest and darkest feelings you have inside of you, to feel at last longer light and free. Focused on air route in and out of your body as you breathe. Just focus on your breathing and you no longer think of anything else, clear your mind of thoughts and worries that crowd and concentrate only on what you’re doing now at this moment, all other thoughts can wait. Your body slowly is filling with light, positivity and awareness.

When inspired, feel the air coming in slowly through your nose and then down slowly in the throat until it fills your lungs very slowly. Feel like you’re relaxing, you feel the feeling of tranquility peace that invades your whole body. Now nothing is more important than your health. And when you breathe out, feel your breath back from your chest, through the throat and out of your mouth, now you feel relaxed and at peace. Relax, relax, let go, dissolve any tension from your muscles, leaving you free from every little effort also.

Completely abandoned, let go of your arms, your legs, your fingers, slowly abandons the perception of the mattress that supports your body which gradually becomes more and more soft, warmer until it disappears leaving you float weightlessly and effortlessly on a light white cloud that transports you freely in a blue sky and warm, you do not in fact hinder it made transport with no specific direction abandoned his swing. sonno4 Now mentally count from ten to one, and when you get one yourself, you fall asleep, calm and serene without any 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 thought. Go to sleep. You deserve the rest , sleep, rest, sleep, sleep.


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