Inner balance


Find a comfortable position to prepare you for relaxation. Let yourself go completely. To relax deeply you can close your eyes. Now breathe deeply and fully and deeply. Air enters through the nostrils through the gorge now fill all your lungs and eject all the air. Do not hold anything because there is nothing to hold onto.



Now listen to your breath. And try to clear your mind of all thoughts. Listen and observe your breath and calm deep.


With each breath we inhale clean air, positive, and with the air we inspire the joy, love, peace, serenity, happiness, beauty, self-esteem, energy, well-being, harmony and tranquility.

With each exhalation we throw out the anger, the problems, grievances, sadness and all that could cause discomfort, now eliminate it and throw it away forever, and we let him go forever from our lives. Now we feel our body relaxed, heavy and relaxed. Our legs are relaxed, heavy and relaxed. Our trunk is relaxed heavy and relaxed.

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Our arms are relaxed heavy and relaxed. The neck is relaxed, loose soft and free from any tension. Your shoulders are relaxed loose soft and free from any tension. The facial muscles are relaxed. The head and scalp are relaxed. Our mind is relaxed and free from all worries. Our mind is at peace. Our emotions are serene. Our breath is calm and deep. equi2

Now we feel at peace with ourselves and with the world. We feel enveloped in peace, in joy and love, we are in harmony with ourselves and with the whole universe. Breathe deeply and remain for a few minutes to savor this state of sweet gratitude, we remain immersed in this oasis of tranquility, peace is a wonderful feeling let’s enjoy it to the hilt.


Now as soon as we feel ready slowly, slowly, we can move your fingers feet and hands and slowly we find awareness of our body and slowly with our times we can open our eyes and we feel good and we feel better with our rediscovered inner balance.

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