Breathing together through a natural and wide-ranging. We breathe with all organs of the body, breathe with all the cells of the body, breathe with your whole body. Breathe deeply we allow our body to let go off all the toxins, the difficulties, the thoughts and emotions of the day.


Our body through slow relaxed deep breathing has the ability to automatically purify. He hears from inside a deep need to find your own well-being and harmony with itself. The body also has this quality and allow you fully express. re2

Breathing let go of it all, we do not hold anything because there is nothing to hold back, we let our body surrenders and stimulates the self-healing and self-awareness. The first stage is reached in the relaxation is the energy balance. We put in a position such that our body is rebalanced.

All the emotions, thoughts and all that we know of ourselves first have to balance and then let go of it all. Now the opportunity to go deeper with our relaxation emerges naturally. Our body is working for its harmony, for his health, for its beauty, for its creativity, because it is stimulated from the bottom. eqi4

Now that our body has downloaded all the accumulated toxins, you must find a harmonious breath and an intimate space to create within himself. We continue to breathe with all the organs of our body and while we breathe, we relax a natural mechanism is activated About Self that makes us feel good that makes us feel better. hqdefault

Now we slip into the magical dimension of perceptions, subtle perceptions and perceive that the body is not only the matter. Our body begins to vanish, perhaps no longer understood by himself, begins to dilate, he begins to leave spaces. We feel the body that opens and becomes much longer, much lighter, letting go completely, while the mind slows thoughts to see them completely disappear and emotions subside. This total neglect feel the rhythm and early music. 4652452053_37ea2cbd23

Inhale and feel your heart, exhale and feel the heart and feel the beat of your heart. Inhale and feel the beat, exhale and listen to the beat until you create a natural rhythm. The body shatters dissolves and remains the energy and breath and the beat.


Now you are in a particular state, where you can find great happiness or pain, then see the things of the past, look to dissolve your body and see emerge from the bottom all the past experiences that follow one another like in a movie, you can also see flip all the logic which until now has supported you, and as you breathe, feel your heart.


Now you really have downloaded all the toxins accumulated within your body that produce great physical pain and disease but also prejudices and anxieties. Breathing and heart beat, breathing and heart beating. Now let go of the breath and even heart beating, you stay there and watch what happens, and you sense all the wonderful sensations that follow one another, and you emerge from this state of deep relaxation slowly without haste when you want.

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