Overcoming an inner conflict


Now it is time to relax. Inhale and exhale. This is just a contrast that you’re living, and you can overcome it with ease. Live it as if it were a trampoline takes to give you the extra push to achieve your goals.



Remember and always keep in mind that your first secret key is your vibrational alignment. Only with the vibrational alignment you can realize your every wish from perfect health until you get to the general and economic welfare. It ‘s like when you’re driving your car. Now approached and stopped doing a breath and relaxed, put the top and leave peacefully toward your new horizons and repeat several times nothing is more important than my vibrational alignment of my being. When I aligned all is well everything is resolved and I am calm. 13895289_10208499131293287_8019438780751809425_n

Now that you have the knack of new march always remember that the second secret key is imagination Turn away your thoughts from reality and live your dreams as if they were mentally already been made you sense the feeling of well-being that comes from your desires fulfilled. Strive in doing so and will shorten the time of their realization.

So quiet all you want is coming. Now take a deep inhale gently smiled and let go, loaded with vital energy six surrounded by an immense love this love around you and embraces you and gives you peace of mind. Breathe in love and exhale. images (7)

All goes well your peace of mind is critical relax, let go of all thoughts. Free your mind imagines walking on a beautiful green lawn in bare feet, feel the grass that lifts your feet and a warm breeze that caresses your face. Feel the smell of trampled. Inhale and exhale. This landscape gives you a great inner calm and now a sphere of white light envelops you completely relaxed you are safe. Inhale and exhale.

Now resume conscience of where you open your eyes and feel aligned with the energy of the source.


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