Imagination and relaxation


Now I want you to clear away all the negative thoughts that crowd your mind. Put yourself in a comfortable position in your room lounging on the couch or lie down on your bed as you like, and take a deep breath and relax.


Close your eyes and imagine walking in solitude on a beautiful white sandy beach, lined with coconut trees, granite rocks and turquoise waters, with arches shaped by the sea very high and similar to those of a cathedral and lush tropical greenery with stretches of fine sand, with a crystal clear lagoon and sublime seabed. Velassaru-Maldives

Here you are safe and you will not be disturbed by anyone. Look around with your mind’s eye. As you walk. What do you see? Observe the colors Look towards the sea on the horizon. The sea is calm or agitated? There are boats? Or birds? It’s sunny or cloudy?

Listen to the sound of the waves. Listen to the sound of your footsteps on the sand. What other sounds are there? You hear the gulls? 111748140-48dab22c-2af0-477f-897th-769d94973a26

Feel the air that caresses the skin. Inhales. What smells? How does it taste? Listen to the movement of the body while walking. Feel the sand between your toes and salt on the lips. Stop for a moment. Inhalared and enjoy the experience of being in this place. starfish-74535_960_720

There are starfish on the beach please choose one and pick it up. Observes the colors and that good feeling is to hold it now goes on the shoreline and wet hands with water .. That feeling gives? Touched his face with a wet hand is cold? Feel the smell of the sea and the taste of salt on your lips. 202217427-9e9c2a4e-ff2e-4236-b9c9-e7ee3363533b

Maybe you want to splash around in the water. Or maybe to undress for a swim. Or sit a moment to observe the sea. Or to continue walking on the beach. You choose. You’ll have a half a minute of real time, which is just what you need. Whatever you do, be aware of what you see, hear and feel it around you. Enjoy the good fortune to be by himself / herself in this beautiful place. 190437506-903ef208-476b-4168-ab42-14877786e1a4

Now get ready to leave, knowing that you can come back whenever you want. When you’re ready, breathe deeply and, with a sense of contentment, back into the room.

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