The sea and the beauty of our body



Our beauty has another great ally in the natural world: the sea water. If we stay on the shore and our body is gently but rhythmically wet and re-wetted by the waves add to the benefit of the mechanical massage that of thermal massage.


The difference between the area and the water temperature favors the cutaneous absorption of micro elements contained in sea water and oxygen, so precious for the skin.

In addition, the sea wave motion causes a higher air oxygenation, the babbling and the lapping of the waves on the shore and enhances intensifies atmospheric oxygen. Molecular oxygen part turns into atomic oxygen, developing a small amount of ozone.

The action of ozone on the skin is certainly one of the most effective breathing and skin detoxification cures. It ‘so important to breathe lunge and slowly along the shore and enjoy the typical smell of the shore.

Atmosphere more hydrogen causes an increase of the peripheral circulation and thus a better nutrition of the whole cutaneous surface.

Then the iodine present in the sea water not only intervenes favorably when during the bath is in direct contact with the skin, but especially when it is breathed in the form of tiny particles vaporized in the air. Then exerts ambivalent action: live on the skin and, indirectly, through breathing.

Also the sea water exerts decongestionale and disinfectant action.

But careful not to focus too much salt solutions on the skin. We need to prevent the skin from drying out too much. When switching constantly from the sea in the sun, which dries the water, you must, if possible, make a fresh water shower at the end of the day, and refresh your skin, particularly the face, with a good tonic. All we tried to pass a hand over his face after a day of sun and sea and we felt real grains of salt deposited here and there. You may often that the benefit of the salts in the water turning into a serious threat to our skin.

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