The sea, the sun and the tanning.


After spending a day at the beach by taking a tanning at the beach or on the rocks, or after a boat trip, you should definitely not overlook the most important part of a sunbathing sunbathing.


It should be remembered that the effect of sunlight does not deplete in the short or long exposure time, but continues even after acting on the skin at a distance, causing beneficial or negative effects, depending on how you have been able to protect your epidermis and how You will be able to take advantage of tanning.

Therefore, returning home, in the evenings it is better to take a shower under the fresh water, the salami on the skin is fine, but do not overdo it because it can cure it. It is also remembered that the skin should be kept very moisturized so that it does not lose its elasticity and does not squash, so it should be cleaned and nourished thoroughly.

For the face, it is best to do clean water without the need for an even more moisturizing of the epidermis, using a very emollient milk and completing it with a moisturizer that will decongest and restore elasticity to the tissues.

Even the body, after shower, will need a moisturizing product that will have to be creams neither too fat nor too liquid. The sea, the sun and a beautiful tanning will not only increase your charm, but it will save you so much health for the winter in the city.

Tanning can, in fact, also have a therapeutic effect. It is as always to distinguish people who have a normal sensitivity to the sun and those that express a hypersensitivity, both for a congenital situation such as white skin, red or blond hair, and as a result of certain illnesses.

For people of the second type, the rules of a gradual acclimatization and the scrupulous use of filter protection products apply in particular.

Lastly, it should be remembered that the effect of sunlight is not only to intensify the production of melanin, but also an increase in the skin’s stratum corneum is precisely because after a certain age, you must exhibit with caution.

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