The artificial sun of magic lamps


The dream of every contemporary woman is to have a face and a tanned body in all seasons, even when the holidays are just a distant memory.


The instruments produced by technological progress does not replace nature but may replace some of its beneficial functions.


Such as quartz lamps, those who suffered for the sunbathers have renamed the magic lamps, which produce the artificial sun, that is identical to the solar ultraviolet rays.

They are found in commerce, with a very affordable cost with a very simple use.
The tan that generates has nothing to envy to the one taken at the beach or mountains.

Beware though these lamps have to be used properly because there is a risk of burn easily.

It ‘important to respect scrupulously the timing and exposure distance indicated by the manufacturers. Strict adherence to usage patterns will avoid the risk of serious injury.

However, it is absolutely normal to hear a slight redness to the distance of three or four hours of exposure, it is proof that the pigmentation are well stimulated.

But this little rash will disappear within three or four hours at most, for the most difficult cases 24 or 48 ore.Il treatment should still be suspended until the primitive rash has completely disappeared. Insist to expose the lamps again, until you have calmed the irritated skin, you would burn without tan.

It must also use specific glasses because the eyes are affected particularly of poor exposure.

Do not forget above all to nourish the skin with care during the day with a good nourishing cream for the entire period in which you will make use of lampade.Prese all these precautions, the “artificial sun” you will detect an excellent preparation for the real sun holiday summer to the sea.

Your skin, accustomed to receiving the ultraviolet rays do not burn more and you will get the fastest tan, more intense and longer lasting no doubt.

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