The voice of charm and personality expression

The voice is our business card identifies us more aspect and also the most spectacular element of our personality. The charm of a woman but also a man is closely linked to his own voice, even if we are not used to treat it as such.


For example, the charm of a great actress Greta Garbo was as it was not only linked to his beautiful eyes and his fabulous Nordic beauty but also for her voice. It ‘the same is true for many women who meet every day in the street or on the train or subway.

The voice characterizes each of us in an immediate and unchanging way. The voice then makes us communicate with each person and customize the individual expresses feelings and sentiments. The voice can leave for those who have heard maybe for once, more even appearance of a positive impression of our appeal or otherwise a negative point in your disfavour.The item, excluding the special cases which concern a field more specific doctor, with a little ‘patience we can make it more enjoyable, through self-education. Self-education means first of all, try to soften the smorzandoli tones when they are too high or treble making them sweet and subdued and eliminating all those elements that make the female voice or any voice something unpleasant or even intolerable.

Bear in mind also that a hoarse voice usually can be very sensual, certainly more than a shrill voice, but we must also not overdo the toni rauchi because a constantly and excessively hoarse voice is also a sign of something wrong in your health . Finally, remember that a voice deathly dull, monotonous, colorless like some winter days it is equally unglamorous of a high-pitched voice.

As we have said since the voice, our business card is certain that no one could want that on your business card will be written are a boring woman or even hysterical, so nothing shouted phrases or otherwise too noisy, talking loudly it is not only a little feminine but also a sign of lack of respect for others and exhibitionism, but even a ‘deflection by drowsiness which shows your lack of interest in what you say and who you’re listening to, and for yourselves, and for life in general .


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