The smile bewitched by women

The winning smile, “never stop smiling even when you are sad, because you never know who might fall in love with your smile” this is a famous phrase of Gabriel Garcia Marquez known writer, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982.


The smile means self-confidence, but also openness towards others and towards life, ability to live with optimism, or at least a search of optimism. A glance and a smile are a great approach to get close to people we like.

The smile, provided it is not fake, is an exceptional communicative. Needless to try to smile unnaturally or even worse, trying not to smile at all in an attempt to hide an uneven teeth or other defects. This will not do anything but focus on what you would like to go unnoticed.

The smile has always been important in all times but today it is even more important because we live in a civilization where human contact, the opportunity to meet and know each other has grown. The smile says it conquers even advertising and this time he’s right is crucial, however, that our smile is our stop. It ‘better to immediately take off the head and smile can be constructed stepping in front of the mirror and study the smile that we like.

The beauty of every smile is to have a healthy mouth. The hygiene of the mouth and teeth is not, then only a precise and imperative need for their own health but also an indispensable aesthetic point of departure. The clean and healthy appearance of a mouth to mind immediately, welfare, cleaning of the whole body, to a “candor” internal and external. Every woman, from childhood should learn to apply daily the radical hygiene of their teeth and his mouth. Unfortunately, however, dentists and specialists in diseases of the mouth, they agree on this point such hygienic practice is not only relatively uncommon and followed but especially misapplied. He resorts to the dentist only when you do not resist more pain or when dental disease is already established some severely, while, in this and in many cases, prevention is the best weapon.

If it is true as we said before, that a smile can not be studied and planned before the mirror, it is true that one can learn to smile, always in another way, ie “from the inside out.” You might learn, in short, a softer attitude towards life and towards daily events. The ugliest and saddest women are not the ones who do not have a pretty face and a body with the extra pounds well distributed, but those devoid of humor.

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