The tan undoubtedly helps to restore vitality to a face a little ‘wilted and hides many blemishes, you could say it is a natural cosmetic for everyone.


The woman today, in most cases, you feel beautiful, desired, attractive only with a good dose of tan.

At this point, however, we must be very careful, because women often exaggerate the mania of wanting to change the skin.

The tan should be used and dosed with a sense of proportion and must be scheduled and specific, different for every woman and complexion.

We know so our skin before exposing ourselves to the sun. We know that our dose of  ” against sun”. It ‘well known that the body, exposed to ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun, produces, to defend themselves, their  “against sun “: the melanin, a natural pigment that gives color to the skin.

About reddens immediately and tans with difficulty, it has this substance in very low dose, and is therefore very easy to sunburn.

There are people who, after a day of sun exposure, can find themselves in the evening a nice biscuit color, while others may have swollen eyes, parched skin and reddened like a shrimp.

Therefore necessary to prepare the skin to receive sunlight, dosandoli and filtering them according to individual needs that only experience can be established.

The first sunny days are the days of the big problems, you get pale from the city and we would like to see immediately abbronzatissime. And ‘this very quickly, when the skin is completely helpless and has not yet produced its natural protector, melanin, which causes the worst damage.

The sun is one of the best early morning and sunset hours with a prevalence of ultraviolet rays a sun tan. Between 12 and 15 the time when usually all dedicated to sunbathing, there is the prevalence of infrared rays and the decrease in ultraviolet rays, so it becomes difficult to tan and very easy to get burned.

Adattiamoci, then, first of all, to our skin type, do not claim to be what we are not and we accept our limitations.

It would be ridiculous if the pale blonde and red were demanding to turn into Negrette.  So who is no longer young leaves brown chocolate to girls and be content with a sweet golden honey color, which does not accentuate the first wrinkles and goose feet around the eyes, but that the dims.

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