Harmony and wellbeing


Now we can give our breath and inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply enter our journey of harmony and wellness. Lie down, close your eyes and assume a comfortable position.


Now we listen to our bodies. What a wonderful thing is our body, let’s try to feel that perfect car, we feel the perception of body weight, posture, balance. We can listen to the body. We feel the sensation of the skin, veins and blood flowing, the muscles, the skeleton, internal organs.


We observe our body and feel how you feel inside in their organs, the heart, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidneys, genital organs. The whole body is made of a magnificent perfect machine, every organ is functional to the other, each organ is in correspondence with feelings, emotions and memory and our body burns wonderful experience to remember. The bronchi, lungs, feel the body’s organs and’s listen to them, we can communicate information to the organs to urge them to harmony and balance.


Now lets go of her arms and shoulders and let go completely, he continues to inspire and exhale quietly and watch what happens to you inhales and exhales confident / or and quiet / or. Now breathing becomes more careful in the knowledge that we are creating a nucleus of will and creativity. We who are full of desires, needs and ambitions with breathing go beyond the needs and desires as well.


Now let’s focus on the boundaries of our body and we think it’s much more dilated and much more expressive than they functionally have taught us, the body of the senses, of verbal expressions, memory and presence and attention. There is always the need to bring attention to the body to be good at  to transcend and go beyond. Copyright-Meditations-Reiki-Archetypes

I see beyond the image I have of myself, I gather my memories, my past and everything I’ve lived and I bring it here now to let it go at this present of harmony and wellbeing. There are unconscious worlds that open to those who want to know Now we’re beyond the mind and beyond the free and light material that allows you to be in a state of well-being and good disposition of mind and stay so relaxed and quiet inside of your essence that stimulates you harmony and well-being and take all the time necessary to continue this journey within yourself.


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