Relaxing for sleep

Read several times that this article will guide you into deep relaxation and help you sleep.


Wearing a comfortable garment that makes you feel at ease, lying on the bed and make sure you will not be disturbed, turn off the phone and take off objects that could interfere with your relaxation, watch, glasses, bracelets, necklaces. Now concentrate on your breathing, deeply inspired slowly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Inhale slowly very slowly make your inhalation last for seven seconds and slowly exhale still do your last exhalation still for seven seconds and continues quietly devoting this time to yourself, give yourself a well-deserved moment of relaxation after a working day. Now you can close your eyes. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly, calmly take all the time you want, this is your time, and as you breathe, you feel that your mind relaxes more and more now lets go every thought your mind has to concentrate only in the present tense, continuous to inhale for seven seconds and exhale for seven seconds, and every breath you take, you feel more and more relaxed, and as you breathe, you feel as your neck relaxes and also your shoulders relax and relax more and more, your arms relax your lungs relax your heart relaxes and slows the heart rate, your belly relaxes your liver and relaxes your whole body relaxes more and more more and more. Now you can breathe normally as you feel. Now even your stomach relaxes and you feel like your legs relax your calf muscles relax and also your feet relax, and this relaxation is up to the toenails and feet feel the say that they relax. And now you look and feel your relaxation you can display a color that this relaxation that goes down in your gut, and now he feels and see your relaxation you feel even the bones and muscles relax and feel and see that relaxation comes down in your sexual organs and feel like all the tension melt away and feel like your sexual organs are relaxing more and more, more and more relaxed now and let this relaxation of the calves in the legs down to the tips of fingers and your body is now completely relaxed all the muscles are free of tension and are more and more relaxed.

Catturanubi Now you are in a state of deep relaxation image that your bed has become a white cloud that descends slowly and you blessed slides in deep refreshing sleep. If you are still awake counts from 100 to 1 and while your white cloud envelops you and supports you and will protect you will watch over your sleep and will never leave you. Tomorrow you will wake up refreshed and reinvigorated

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