Hunting for Morfeo


For starters created a peaceful place to be comfortable safe where you can close his eyes without worries. Turn off your phone and lowers the lights and try to isolate you from outside noise as possible. Make sure that nothing can disturb you, take this time for yourself, made this gift. Now lie down comfortably on the bed or on the couch, as you prefer and find a comfortable position. Do not cross your legs and arms every part of the body must be free to relax. Continua a leggere “Hunting for Morfeo”



I want to help you tune in to your natural rhythm of being. The best thing you can do now to your body is to give him the gradual release of its resistance. Your physical body without resistance finds its natural state of well-being. If you focus on thoughts that make you feel good you allow your cells to return to the original state of natural balance to connect your internal source of tremendous energy. Ispiri- exhale cells of your body are coordinated by your source and have the power to find their balance at any time. Inspire – breathe out when you relax with your breath and you let go it will be to keep your body in a state of well-being and any ailments you suffer for some time will be reduced gradually and the body will react very quickly to the absence of resistance you feel when breaths. Each physical body can return to its natural state of being. Your body is related to your mind and release resistance will result in a positive change and as you listen and breathe tuned to the natural frequency of the welfare benefits that will guide you towards behavior and wonderful things will happen. Plus six serene less manifest forms of resistance and as you breathe your alignment with the well-being becomes stronger every day in an atmosphere devoid of resistance alimenterai clarity and life changing positively. Depending on the content of the thoughts your body reacts and at this time in this place on your body it is benefiting. Inspires-exhale. Life must be nice it is to satisfy your dreams. Did everything perfectly to the physical well-being is coming Relax