Pleasant relaxation


Lie down on a comfortable couch or soft bed assume a comfortable position in a corner of the house that no one can come and disturbare.In case of an emergency your mind will always remain vigilant at all times and you can act accordingly.


Close your eyes

Take a slow, deep breath and relax. Inspired by the nose and slowly exhale with your mouth even more slowly;

Even a deep breath and relax let go, relax! relaxed! relaxed! let go;

Another breath and relaxed.

Now release all the muscles of the face and let them go, forehead, eyes, pupils must float under the eyelids relax, the jaw, the teeth must not touch, you can swallow at any time.

Now imagine the green of trees of a mountain forest feel a nice relaxing sensation from your toes up along your calves, knees, thighs, pelvis, abdomen and all internal organs, the back, chest and the tip of fingers of the hands up along the wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, head. Let go! relaxed! Feel your body relaxed and whenever the green color images your body will become more relaxed in a time shorter and shorter. Now that you’re pretty relaxed you feel so good that you never want to leave this state of relaxation.

Now imagine the color blue of the night you feel that feeling of peace relaxes your mind let me become calm and serene not think of anything let negative thoughts fly off away from you, the thoughts as they come so they leave not criticize them let them go, now it’s your time you have to feel good. Put aside your senses. Now your emotions become serene and piacevoli.Senti that nice feeling you get is wonderful.

Each time you repeat this exercise will increase intensity of relaxation and pleasure connected.

Now counts from 1 to 10 begins to slowly move your fingers and toes fetched open your eyes welcome back in the outside world


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