Simple relaxation

mare scuro in movimento

Start with the face started to relax the eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, jaw, slowly everything relaxes and repeat to yourself let go and you experience this feeling.

Now that your face has left all the tensions focus on heat and vibration of relaxation on your face, you imagine now that your brain is relaxing is a wonderful feeling and you say to yourself let go. Now this feeling gets bigger let it grow, let it grow more and more and the relaxation will be deeper. Now let this feeling go down in the neck by relaxing the neck, you want the neck to relax and now the neck is deeply relaxed, allowing this feeling to go down to the end of the spine you want your back will relax and now that the backbone is relaxed, enjoy this feeling oh that’s great! Allow now this feeling go behind and then down to the arms and down to the hands. The hands are completely relaxed and heavy arms are heavy and become a nuisance, as if gravity pulled them down and all the negativity, tensions are leaving your arms .. And now allowed to pass this feeling in the abdomen and continue down to the legs in the calves feet. I will count from 1 to 10 and 10 you will be deeply relaxed and imagine that at 10 you will be more relaxed than they’ve never been and you will feel great being relaxed. It will be so wonderful to hear an inner smile when you reach 10 you want to go to 10 you want to be 10. The 10 will be your deep relaxation and while I count all your body will relax and it will be easier for you to relax. And every time you get a thought let this thought go away as you let go of a balloon and then again feel the need to go deep into relaxation and letting go of everything that bothers you and you have the power to forgive be able to forget, and when you reach 10 will be easy for you to let go. It will be easier for you to let go of that will be a joy for you to let go. All the things that you want to let go of all the things you want to change in the life of 10 will be easier and you’ll be so relaxed you will easily be able to connect your inner cone. 10 deep inside you will find a love, a pure love that you have never tried before, a love that does not require words a love that peace so much peace that will be easier to let go will be easier to forgive, so here we go:

1) Imagine going deeper and deeper and deeper into your body, let go there’s nothing to fight anything to be afraid allowed your body to relax;
2) Do you feel that goes deeper and deeper and emotions are well;
3) Go deeper and deeper and will open more and more to the real you;
4) More and more deeply;
5) It seems that everything is slowing down and you open up more and more with yourself;
6) Even if you do not think you can go more and more in depth allow yourself to be open to that thought, deeper and deeper;
7) More and more deeply;
8) On a deeper level than they can imagine any sound and helps you to go even deeper. Any thought that emerges let him go;
9) It ‘s wonderful to go deep you are now ready to enter completely to your power and unite with the real you;
10) Imagine that you are now fully entering into your power you are becoming one with your most authentic you, all channels of healing in your body at this time are open and feel now that this merger is that we want to be and you will They are already within you and please welcome in this part of yourself in your mind open outstretched arms to welcome you to become one with the real part of you.

You want this to happen you want to receive this pure essence in your life and open yourself to the thought that there is so much love within you because that love is you. You so love to give you love that because you know that more dates are feeling more love, is infinite. So you welcome that part of you in your life and give freely without fear. You are love. When you will connect with that power there is no obstacle in the world can stop you there is no fear in your life, no fear of rejection, no fear of being alone, no fear of never being happy. For where there is love there can be no fear is a huge tremendous power you have inside of you and that you have held in the world.

Now account for 1 to 3 and 3 is here at the hour you will be fully awake fully connected with your heart.
1) Become aware of your feet and your legs inspired deeply and let go;
2) Bring the energy in your head into your lungs and exhale;
3) Inspired deeply and wake up again here and welcome back to the planet happy to have a body.

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